Dear Startup Investor,

Neil here.

One silver lining I’ve found in all this time stuck at home is that I’m finally able to answer more of the questions I’ve seen you all sending in.

Today, the question I want to address is: How will 5G technology affect startups? Are there any privately-held companies that are implementing or deploying this revolutionary tech?

The short answer is yes, and here’s why: 5G, the next generation of wireless technology, could give networks the power to transmit enormous data packages in almost real-time. Once it’s fully rolled out, it’s going to change virtually every industry out there.

Let’s dig deeper into what this means for startups and angel investors.

5G: A springboard for technology of the future

5G tech could virtually eliminate the lag time between data being collected by one party, and it being received by another.

When we’re talking about sending pictures to our friends, that all sounds a bit frivolous. But consider the industries that could benefit.

Self-driving cars could collect and transmit data continuously, making each ride safer.

Virtual reality could go from being an interesting novelty to a fully immersive, hyper-realistic alternative experience.

Drones could livestream super-HD video to military centers, gathering valuable intel while keeping men and women out of dangerous field conditions.

Pretty much any high-tech thing you can think of will be revolutionized when 5G rollout is complete.

Startup trends to watch in 5G this year

In the same vein, any startup that relies on the wireless transmission of data is virtually guaranteed to benefit from 5G technology.

There are the industries we just talked about – autonomous driving, virtual and augmented reality, drone videography – but there are dozens, if not hundreds, more.

5G could open the doors for smart cities to pop up all over the world. Smart houses – with connected water, electric, and other utility controls – will be the absolute norm in just a few years.

Telemedicine, agriculture, security systems, manufacturing, social media… all of these things are virtually guaranteed to get a big boost when 5G coverage is complete.

My advice to you as an angel investor is to look for startups that will take full advantage of this technological leap to improve existing products or launch new ones. I wouldn’t waste too much time trying to find some tiny company that will deploy the tech itself; that’s pretty much covered by behemoths like T Mobile, AT&T, and so on. The little guys just don’t have the infrastructure to support a global rollout like this.

As always, I’ll keep you in the loop as more information about this rapidly evolving technology comes to light. And please – keep the questions coming. I’m here to help you – so just let me know what you’d like to hear about next.

We’ll talk soon.

Until next time,

Neil Patel


36 responses to “You Asked About 5G… So I’m Answering”

  1. Is it true that 5G is killing people with the radiation? 5G towers in New York is helping the virus intensify. Even killing trees that’s right next to the tower. I can go on and on. 5G is very dangerous for this earth. Stay away from it.

  2. What we keep seeing is about small companies that supply this component or that component that will allow 5G to work. Then if you try to investigate we get these long drawn out presentations that tell you nothing.

  3. So far I’ve been so busy working that I haven’t invested in any start ups. I’m a senior lady who doesn’t know anything about investing . Any suggestions ? I would really appreciate some help. Thanks so much.

  4. Neil,
    What is the cost to invest in 5G per share today?
    I will keep my ears open for future information on this.

    Thank you,

  5. Any comments on how 5G’s affecting your health?

    Since 5G was brought up, here’s something we all can do about it. Don’t know if it will help, but it can’t hurt and it’s free:

    Xinhua | Updated: 2017-06-30 09:12

    ROME – China’s ZTE Corp will make Italy its European hub for the development of 5G wireless technology, the company confirmed on Thursday.

    Fifth-generation or 5G is the next mobile wireless standard, and will make telecoms faster and more powerful. The company announced its plans in a meeting with Lombardy regional officials in Milan.

    ZTE intends to open 13 new research & development centers in Italy, said its CEO for Western Europe, Hu Kun. “The 5G network will be ready by next year,” said Hu who also serves as president of ZTE Italy, adding “The pre-5G phase is in full swing.”

  6. Great information Neil good job informing members that you are here to assist anyone with questions with 5G. As we know it is very important.

  7. Is there one component that’s necessary for 5g to function? Meaning the vital piece to the puzzle, that perhaps no other company could contribute.

  8. I would like to know what 5G related companies are available for us Angel Investors to Invest in today?

  9. So you’re telling me and everyone else that you’re not concerned about the EMF signal that 5G will be putting out, and the fact that all the documentation done by scientists has been ignored by the government? You don’t believe that the Coronavirus has been used as a cover up so 5G can be implemented? You sound like the 1%, rather than someone who cares about human life!

    • Edgar,

      I’m not a medical expert, nor do I claim to be one. The fact is that 5G technology is coming, and I’m just here to try and help people learn about ways they could make some money off of it. I don’t play any kind of role in the 5G industry myself.


  10. Hello Neil Patel, thank you for all you do. I have a question? What is the best startup company to invest in for the new 5G. What do you recommend?

    Thank You

  11. This probably the most exciting growth step that wireless internet access will take in the next 10 years.
    Being an Internet Service Provider (ISP), I have a lot knowledge about the internet in the last 10 years. When I started out our customers thought a 3mbps/1.5mbps broadband was heaven. They could do EVERYTHING on the net. We found out shortly that about every 2 years that demand number doubled. Plus they wanted it to process instantly. They hate waiting for the download or upload. We guess what? That is just what 5G is suppose,oops does do. I look forward to getting into those deals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Hi Neil is that Republic investors apart of your network, because the keep sending me deals ,just a little confused.

    • Hi Ryan,

      While we do talk to Republic sometimes to learn about new deals coming down the pipeline, we are not in any kind of partnership. If you gave them your email address at any point – whether to invest or simply to log in – they may be sending you regular emails to keep you in the loop.


  13. Neil, I get start up invitations almost every day from startengine. I haven’t invested in any start ups yet. Waiting on you to send me something good. However some of them are pretty interesting. What’s your advice on Start engine projects?

    • Hi there,

      StartEngine is one of several reputable online private equity portals. In my opinion, they have a great deal of compelling offerings. If you’re a member of the Angels & Entrepreneurs Network, you may have noticed that a handful of the recommended startups over there are hosted through StartEngine!

      Hope this helps!

  14. Thanks again for all the valuable information, I enjoy reading your and others tech-speak and the trends emerging, these are exciting times.

  15. What is the 5G stock that is supposed to be trading around 3.00 at the moment? I’m very new at this and truly want to become an Angel investor and became a founding member some months ago but have yet to get involved. Help !

  16. Neil – Want is your opinion on all the 5G conspiracy theories out there in regards to whether 5G and the Coronavirus are connected, etc? There seems to be lots of online rumors floating around out there making it hard to know who and what to believe.

    • Deb,

      I’m not a doctor, or an expert in any sense. But the evidence is quite clear: COVID-19 is a virus, and the fact is that illness caused by radiation does not look like illness caused by a virus. Add to that the fact that 5G boxes don’t produce the kind of radiation that could ever impact your health, and you’ve got your answer. In fact, 5G towers are less of a radiation risk to you than your microwave is!

      My advice is to always, always, always double-check the credibility of the source from which you get your information. Peer-reviewed studies and reputable news outlets with rigorous fact-checking teams are the only way to go when we’re talking about something as potentially scary, and sensitive, as this. Here’s an excellent article from the New York Times:

      I hope this helps. Always keep asking questions!

  17. I would like to learn more about 5G. It sounds like a good investment. I am interested.

  18. Thanks Neil,
    I appreciate your response! I’ve noticed it’s been on the back burner as they have alot of glitches I don’t believe they saw coming. I do believe that their focus is now on satellites to deliver the FB arrays as we would need alot of towers. I bought 50 shares of 5G. All the wanna be $49.99ners subscriptions were saying invest in AI before it’s goes up. Can’t rely on that. Please don’t think I have alot of subscriptions out there. I used to but too many different opinions.
    Thanks again Neil!
    Mel Valentino

  19. I was really excited about joining this community this fall, but from heavy into cannabis to the above.. now speechless. `Sorry, I am blown away by the ignorance about 5G negative effects in this article.

    Any comments?

  20. How would I know what start ups to look for that will take full advantage of the opportunity to launch 5G, or improve existing technologies relating to 5G rollout?

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