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As you know, it takes a great deal of time and effort to curate good deal flow.

Personally, I recommend pursuing as many avenues as possible to source the best deals. I’ve found that great opportunities can come from all kinds of places: angel groups, local meetups, friends of friends… the list goes on.

Most often, I’m approached by a colleague or acquaintance who has decided to make the leap into entrepreneurship. In fact, just recently, my good friend Eric Siu gave me “first dibs” on his newest venture. It’s a software company that helps huge enterprise optimize their marketing efforts… and rake in millions as a result.

Software companies are some of my absolute favorite investments, because they’re able to scale and make money without needing to spend an arm and a leg on new hires.

Eric’s raise is still going strong – and he told me he’s willing to accept a few more investments. Interested in getting in on this deal? Just click here to find out how.

Like I said, a good chunk of my deal flow comes from knowing the right people. Still, you’d be surprised how often a deal comes to me seemingly out of nowhere.

Want to know the craziest way I ever found out about a deal? Check out the video above to learn more.

Until next time,

Neil Patel


25 responses to “Why I See Dollar Signs Everywhere I Go… And You Should Too”

  1. Hi Neil,
    In this article you mention that software companies are some of your absolute favorite investments.
    About last week, I submitted a ticket directed to you asking if you might be able to look into a software company that looked very interesting to me. It looks like one of those that you describe, one that could disrupt the real estate and architectural markets. Looks very promising! I was asking for your expert opinion.
    This is the time where I have not received any replies from either you or your team that the ticket was at least received. Or any mention about it on the club’s website.
    If you would be interested to hear about it, just send me an email and I will let you know about it.
    Hope to hear from you soon!
    This is one I would love to invest if it receives your approval!
    Thank you and have a wonderful evening!

  2. Too many scams out there, Paul Mampilly was the first real deal, I actually trust Paul. I am new to investing and have achieved my number one short term goal. “Breaking Even “ Why should I invest my time and money with Mr. Patel.
    Sincerely. Mark Hawkins

  3. Now, that was a good one Neal. I have one like that my grandfather and his brothers came in and saved from failure and is still going strong as a private company today. They had all the traffic light lenses though out the world before LEDs came along. Airport lighting, aircraft lighting lenses. Etc.

  4. I’m very serious about investing however since I’ve pd the 500 to join, and I haven’t received any of the supplies offered nor have I received any investment opportunities. What I do receive is a continuing offer to invest even more money to get your private deals. Although I believe that that would be a positive investment I’m having trouble getting what was promised to me at the 500 price point. Maybe someone can assist as your main call in line didn’t help either. They knew nothing of what I was speaking about.

  5. Hi Patel!
    Samantha here, I had joined the Angel Entrepreneurs last month and just received my package I only received the “Hussle Book and notebook with a pen! I did not get the rest of learning book was on the web when I signed in! Secondly, I am clueless when it comes to investing that’s why I sign in to learn. I am not understanding where to begin, I’m getting all your emails. When can I start investing and how can I start???? Samantha

  6. Very interesting i will start listening more! Im gettin older and i need more to b financially independent!

  7. Neil, it is so frustrating to be on the outside looking in.I will participate in your annual deal flow at some point. But for now, the emails are tantalizing!

  8. willing to accept a few more investmets.. clicked on “Just click here to find out how” and it leads me back to the beginning. Also did you invest and does it meet your 1,000X formula?

  9. Neil: I would like to know of this company to invest in. Also I would like to know your recommendation for handling the monies for this purchase. Like Wefunder , Republic or XYZ Company.

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