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When you invest in private equity, your ownership is dictated by the cap table.

It’s a document that outlines every single person or entity that owns equity in a startup – and how large of a stake they hold.

Each round, as more investors put capital in, the cap table changes. Usually, that means your stake will change, too, unless you put more money in.

There’s a lot you should know about cap tables. After all, they’re the only way you’ll know for sure how much equity you hold – and how much of a return you’re likely to get.

Just check out the video above to learn more.

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4 responses to “What Your Seat at the Cap Table Really Means”

  1. How much do I need to get started, I have a limited income and would like to earn some money so I could feel like I could purchase something without feeling strapped for money. Would a small amount even be worth my while? I know nothing about this and wouldn’t want to lose what I have invested. I know there is always a risk when investing in the stock market. Help me make the correct decision!

  2. I’M not a computer smart person. I don’t know the computer language or how to navigate through your program. I’ve tried for two days to find the place to start.
    Is this the reason I can’t up grade my living expenses. I live with my sister on what I get from my as, retirement check, and what my late husband earned. I don’t want to live from payday to payday.
    IF YOU could just give me a step by step instructions sheet. I am grateful for any help .

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