When you invest in private equity, your ownership is dictated by the cap table.

It’s a document that outlines every single person or entity that owns equity in a startup – and how large of a stake they hold.

Each round, as more investors put capital in, the cap table changes. Usually, that means your stake will change, too, unless you put more money in.

Recently, Shark Tank‘s Robert Herjavec and I sat down to discuss some of the most important things we look for when we’re vetting private equity deals. It was such an amazing opportunity – it’s not every day that I get to bounce my ideas off one of the most famous angel investors in the world!

Amazingly, we found that we had much more in common than we ever expected (we even started finishing each other’s sentences!). And our investing strategies? They were nearly identical.

If you haven’t already, you really should see this “meeting of the minds.” Just click here to check out a rebroadcast.

In the meantime, there’s a lot you should know about cap tables. After all, they’re the only way you’ll know for sure how much equity you hold – and how much of a return you’re likely to get.

Just check out the video above to learn more.

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4 responses to “What Your Seat at the Cap Table Really Means”

  1. How much do I need to get started, I have a limited income and would like to earn some money so I could feel like I could purchase something without feeling strapped for money. Would a small amount even be worth my while? I know nothing about this and wouldn’t want to lose what I have invested. I know there is always a risk when investing in the stock market. Help me make the correct decision!

  2. I’M not a computer smart person. I don’t know the computer language or how to navigate through your program. I’ve tried for two days to find the place to start.
    Is this the reason I can’t up grade my living expenses. I live with my sister on what I get from my as, retirement check, and what my late husband earned. I don’t want to live from payday to payday.
    IF YOU could just give me a step by step instructions sheet. I am grateful for any help .

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