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Dear Startup Investor,

You already know that angel investing is one of the best and most reliable ways to make huge gains – on average, double what you could make in stocks.

But when you do a quick Google search for “angel investing,” you’re overwhelmed by more than 36 million results – none of which are able to start at the very beginning and personally walk you through the process.

So today, let’s cover what angel investing really means – for you AND the founders you’ll be working with.

First off, an angel investor is a person who sees the potential for greatness in an early-stage startup – think Zuckerberg in his garage – and throws in that first real investment, or seed money, to help the business grow.

Now, this is all happening before a company goes public. That means you’re not going to be buying shares on the Nasdaq or the New York Stock Exchange.

Instead, you’re going to be buying directly into the companies we talk about. (We’ll go over the mechanics of that later…)

As an angel, you’ll be getting in way before typical investors.

That means two big things for you…

  1. You’ll have a chance at way bigger profits than someone who waited to buy stock when the company went public. In fact, when everyone else is flooding in, we’ll be making our exit and cashing out. (More on this in a few days)
  2. You will have the opportunity to make real changes and have real impact as a company develops. Imagine buying shares in Tesla right now. Do you think Elon Musk is going to invite you to the board room? No way. But as an Angel, you have a direct line to the founder – you have influence.

Now, here’s why this is such a big deal.

Up until 2016, the world of Angel Investing was reserved for Silicon Valley’s high and mighty… aside from needing all the intimate connections and tight-knit network of CEOs, VCs, and billionaires, you also needed to be an accredited investor. Long story short, you needed a net worth over $1 million to be an angel.

But times have changed. Today, you can get in the game with just a few hundred dollars. Of course, you can invest much more, too – it’s all about what you’re comfortable with.

And the private equity market itself is exploding – there are record levels of capital being exchanged. Last year, investors poured $453 billion into private equity. (And that’s all while the number of public companies has been cut in HALF).

Simply put, private equity is where fortunes will be made in the next few years.

Which is why we’re getting in now…

Until next time,

Neil Patel


117 responses to “What Angel Investing is Really About”

  1. Since I signed up I have not seen the report: The Complete Startup Investor’s Blueprint for 1,000X Returns. in my inbox. Is there a special link or can you send again?

    • Did you ever get your information? I signed up and don’t have a clue what to do and I want to make money!! I need to make money!

      • Gwen and Kirtson,
        I also joined, in August. And I also have not received the email you mentioned or the Start-Up Kit. Did you get any feedback yet about the “Blueprint”? I did hear back regarding the Start-Up kit. They are a bit behind due to the volume of new members, but will be sending as promised.

  2. This I believe it’s the right time for this , sometimes you just happen to be in the right place at the right time. I plan to take advantage of this opportunity . Thank you and thank God for sharing and caring .

  3. Who makes wants to network? I’m really excited to get started I’m new to this Angel investing. I have only 1 angel investment done. But talking with other investors makes since.

  4. I’m excited about the opertunity to invest in a start up company but I need to get Ernest money down in a solid start up investment. Your phone number has changed and I don’t have an e-mail address I can request a portfolio on 2 start up you promised to get me invested which was in the live stream conference I watched . Would you please send me contact information so I can invest.
    Yours Truly
    Steve Tapp

    • Read through every link, and watch every video. it seemed to be that once I completed each marker another door opened up to me. And then it last a website popped up where I could continue my research and actually invest. Just like anything else, our impulse is to jump Right in because “hey, who doesn’t want to make money quickly!”. Read, watch and learn, learn how not to lose your money.

  5. Hello! Thank you for the Time and Vision. I speak English! So why I am not Rich??? We need a system. Plan. The success system that never fails. First of All we need a good foundation f Financial success! my credit card is limited. So I need better credit. improve my credit score and ratings! I am tired of being delayed or stop of buying a Book over the internet because of my low credit limits. i have the Why! the Philosophy! The hunger the Thirst to make a diference in the World! the Leadership. The Authority. The experiences to feel the frustration of our modern broken financial system. my job your job is to make a better World so that we can grow and learn togeather to share the Worlds resources for the common Good. but! we need the tools The networks, the Platform! The Leaders! the smart £$€-money may be investing in technology; but, The smarter £$€-money is investing in People. We are to make a difference! We are to stand togeather or divide alone .! We find written on the USA$-“In God We Trust!
    Thank You for you inspiration and speaking from the heart. it is not more information we need, but, Knowledge and Understanding. Let us all work togeather. michael

  6. Excited to be learning to have the foundation for successful investments. This is an opportunity arriving at the perfect time for me. Thank you to Robert and Neil.

  7. I am so tired of never having money at the end of the month, I just could cry and believe me I do sometimes. My whole life has been one of of obstacles and struggles.

  8. I agree with all of the above….first thankful, but really need to know where in heck to go now? Thought you were going to teach us and give startup companies.

    • Hi Joanne,
      All deals are posted on our network website, angelsandentrepreneurs.com. Good luck and happy hunting!
      Blair S.
      The Startup Investor

  9. I,m a real estate fix and flip contractor with over 30 projects in the last 7 years. Looking for angel investor to participate going forward.
    Primary working area is in nj . My approach is to market to young families and keep price under $400,000.
    My daughter recently joined our team and our goal is to maintain a working load of 3 houses at a time , rehabing approx 10 houses a year.
    With an average profit of $30,000.00 to $60,000.00 each

  10. I am excited to learn about Angel Investing, & in tiny amounts, follow Neil’s lead in he is investing in, and have great patience.

  11. Let’s get started, I’m really new at this. Do I need a website and if so how do I get one? Help. Al

    • I do not know if a website is necessary. I don’t think it is but check with your ISP at least in the past they would setup a site N/C. Had one wears ago with Earthlink, it was very simple and basic. But asking costs nothing.

  12. Bonjour Neil, J’ai suis Ravi d’être devenu Membre Elite Angel et Entrepreneur
    Et je ne parle pas très bien l’Anglais
    -Pouvez-vous me garantir qu’il y’auras toujours un support en Français (transcription des vidéos)ou lors des différents échanges entre nous ?
    – Je voudrais savoir si j’ai besoin d’un compte de courtage Broker pour investir ?
    – et si OUI lequel conseillez-vous pour un Ange Français qui débute ? Merci d’avance

  13. Hi, is it possible to become an angel investor with a regular checking account or do you need a brokerage account? I read somewhere that a regular checking account is needed and not a brokerage account. I want to know if that is true.

  14. i don’t now anything about stocks and i’m on ss wich its not to much but i am verry happy to be a part of thisi want to thank you Neil you are an angelfor thinking of the litle people

  15. I seen and link so I click on it there was a video about using $500.00 spit up $500 into 10 $50.00 then it provide 10 investment instead of one.

  16. Hi Neil, at the moment I don’t have much to start with. My parent plus loans for my triplets has gone up 500% in the last 7 years. I barely have enough to pay attention and am looking forward to correcting that. They say it’s an income based loan,but my income has not gone up anywhere near that much.

  17. I’m very excited but might need a little hand holding to get started. I’m not in the finance world and what I read about filing taxes is a bit daunting. But I’ll worry about that when I get there. I’m ready to go. I have a lot of common sense and a great belief in this.
    I’d like to put $100 in 10 companies. I’m reading and watching as much as I can with a part-time job.

  18. would like to know what this opportunity
    is all about and what kind of investment is
    needed to proceed.

    Thank you to all!



  19. After reading your due diligence report I decide to invest, who is the payee on my check, where does it go, what kind of a receipt do I get, how am I informed of the entrepreneur’s progress, will i be able to contact the “starter” directly,?????.

  20. We have joined and I’m at a stand still. We have very little money to in-vest at this time. We had 200,000.00 and gave it to a financial planner to invest for us. He lost every penny of it. Thats been back in 2003-2004 and I haven’t been able to save any money since. We decided in Angels because Robert is part of it and I trust him because of seeing him on Shark Tank. We,re sorry Neil, but we don’t know you, so please don’t take offense. We are 75 and 71 and don’t have any retirement savings so we so hope this is for sure. We don’t understand the whole plan. The little amount of 50.00 was interest to us as a start-up. Please advise and please help us.

  21. Reading through the comments, I see that there are many people with questions about Angel investing here is some helpful advice.

    Smart Angel investing Strategies:

    Invest Intelligently, Effectively & Profitably By:

    • Investing in pre-vetted start-ups
    • Expand your portfolio by investing in a number deals ( spread your finances around)
    • Reserve a portion of your money for follow up rounds
    • Invest in what you understand and or willing to
    acquire some knowledge about
    • Invest in start-ups that you are interested in and know something about to add value to the organization

    Remember, Angel investing is about diversifying your portfolio for some better outcomes financially in the future. Never invest more than you are willing to lose. Furthermore, Angel investing is not a get rich quick scheme; it requires some research and intelligent planning that can put the odds in your favor. Choose your investments wisely, diversify your investments across different industries, do research search for any articles about the founder and or start-up online, and invest in companies you genuinely believe in. I hope this was helpful to all of you potential investors God bless and good luck.

  22. I would like to learn the nuts and bolts of Angel Investing and how and when I could actually see some cash flow back into my account.

  23. I am so excited to learn!

    Neil, I follow you in the blogging world and have learned so much from you.

    I love the way you approach things. How you break things down for people. I also enjoy that you present your self humbly.

    Thanks to everything you do.

    Stay at home mom

  24. Ewana, thank you for the great strategy notes. I am very new to angel investing, but have a strong background in entrepreneurship with my specialty being startups and the legal field. (Please visit jenwilliamsintl.com). Also, I’m a research fanatic so that should give me a head start in this. My desire is to be “the lender, not the borrower” according to Deuteronomy 28:12. How long have you been angel investing and how did you get started?

  25. Neal
    Im a newbie at investing.i cjose you and the Angels becsuse of the training you. Say you will give.i ve read all my emails setup my profile. Im anxious to get started with investing. Please direct my next steps as promised.
    How do i get to the chat room with my fellow investors.
    How do i get to the board room To listen in on training and investing ideas or to chat with you directly.

  26. I am excited about this venture but having trouble investing . Have gone to the link you gave but ran into a wall with MicroVentures , is there someone that can help with this process .

    • Hi Catherine, I ran into some problems with MicroVentures, as well. I was hung up when trying to put in my address. It turned out to be a simple fix. I was trying to enter it all into one box. I eventually was able to figure it out and now I am set up and ready to invest. I tried to invest in Jetson AI but because of the issues I had setting up my investing account, I missed the deadline so I am on a waiting list. Hope this helps. Don’t give up. Endeavor to perservere!

  27. I am an Electrician of almost 43 years, and a woman, so, dont have much, but, I do want to invest small amounts, so I can retire.

  28. Thank you for this opportunity to grow my retirement funding, Looking forward to big profits with this program. THKNS AGAIN

  29. I just put in my first $100 in Nanno. I think this start up has great potential to grow by leaps and bounds.

  30. I just put my first $100 in Nanno. I think this start up has a lot of great potential to grow by leaps and bounds!

  31. I signed up but, have no idea what to do. Can anyone help? Would love to learn and make some money.

  32. I am glad to learn about Angel Investing and the potential to make money helping others pursue their dreams.

    Looking forward to actually investing.

  33. Looking forward to getting in with some amazing future companies. I am in my late 60’s and haven’t been able to amass a nest egg being a single Mom most of my productive years.

  34. I hoped to get a “first-hand” opportunity to invest in my sister… She’s a brilliant insurance-industry “life-timer.” She’s also CMO of Lapetus Solutions, a company intent on using facial-recognition software to sell life insurance to “millenials” and others who aren’t interested in spending a day in a doctor’s office just to purchase a life insurance policy. BUT I know / hear that Angels and Entrepreneurs’ policies aren’t acceptable to (Lapetus Solutions) and they’re looking for “other strategic” partners. I really thought I could hit a home-run here, but maybe not? Any input would be helpful. Thank you, Bill Anderson

  35. I’m very ready to start this next chapter of my life. After growing up in poverty, with my parents (more specifically my single father) broke their backs to dress my brother and I nicely, and to make sure our bellies were always full. We spend nights without electricity because we couldn’t afford the bill. Now, I’m recently out of the Air Force and making enough money to be comfortable, but not enough to provide for my family and my parents. I want to thank my parents with comforts like they’ve never had, and I hope I’m in the right place to be chasing that dream.

  36. I am new as of this week. I can see there is a lot of untapped potential earnings for us. This is brilliant and I want to start off right. Just received my HUSTLE package and it sparked new enthusiasm in Me. I am a single mother of three wonderful adult children and I am 4 years from retirement. I want to live comfortably and be able to travel, give, go on missions and be wherever my children and future grandchildren are. I am looking for freedom to live my dreams and help others along the way. It was said earlier that this is is the right time and we are in the right place. I am grateful to have seen this opportunity and excited about learning how to be an Angel investor and do it right!

  37. You Have The Best Platform For Putting The Investor Together With The Start Up Company That’s Looking To Get To The Next Level….>Luv It<

  38. Just joined and have been getting emails but nothing that tells me how to make an investment or how to read any of the reports even though I have clicked on read report so at this point I am a little discouraged. I can’t see how to access any of the information on the potential companies to invest in or to get any of the information. Very disappointed right now.

  39. Im so excited i just got my kit in the mail and im reading every thing i can get a hold of. Hows everyone that posted in 2019 doing??? Any success???

  40. I’m excited for this great opportunity to be a part of The Angels Investing Group, and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

  41. OK I got your book in the mail, but no start up kit. When can I expect to get that? Also, how do I invest? I need details. I understood that I need to have a checking account, I have it, then what? I want to be investing already, but how? These should be basics that you give to us new comers right away!!!

    • Hi Jaana,

      Sorry you haven’t received your full kit! Please give our Customer Care Team a call at (866) 310-1498 and they’ll make sure one gets shipped to you. As you can imagine, we’ve dealt with substantial delays in producing and shipping these boxes, as much of China has been on lockdown for a couple of months now. But I’m sure they can straighten things out for you.

      As far as investing goes, you don’t need anything in the Welcome Kit to get started. All startup recommendations can be found on our sister site, angelsandentrepreneurs.com. When you’re ready to invest in a deal, just click on “Angel Action Plan” in the sidebar of that deal page, and you’ll receive step-by-step instructions on how to invest.

      Hope this helps!

  42. Hi Neal, I’m an Angels & Entreprenuer VIP Elite Founder and really glad I’m on board here. I have a suggestion for the A&E site. You may want to set up a simple tracking tab that lists certain easily trackable metrics for closed investments. I’m thinking, an easy “at a glance” of all companies you’ve featured. Metrics couple include, name of firm, what firm does/makes (ie., online wine app), date closed, minimum investment, valuation on date closed, exit date, value at exit as a percent, etc. This will be fun to track over time. I’m doing this on my own but thought I’d share this thought with you.

    • Hi.. Guillermina Fuentes
      I received the Hastle book only… When I will receive the rest of material? I paid$129
      Let me know please…

  43. I have a question regarding the Jobs Act Title 3. I reading about it, I see several mentions that an investor that has an income below $100,000 can only invest $2000 or 5% of net worth? Also, another article regarding this states only “currently, individuals with more than $200,000 or a net worth of 1mm qualify to become an investor.

    Has this changed because they mention nothing about this in the webinar for this product ?

    • Hi Gene,

      My apologies for the delayed response.

      Basically, it depends on the type of raise a startup is running. Some raises only accept accredited investors (those with more that $200k or a net worth of $1 million), while others accept non-accredited investors. Generally, Reg CF or Reg A+ raises don’t require solely accredited investors… however a Reg A+ raise will probably have a higher investment minimum.

      The startups recommended on Angels & Entrepreneurs are not solely limited to accredited investors, so there’s plenty there that you can take advantage of!


  44. Hi Sarah,
    Thanks for getting back to me! My apologies for my lack of patients. I just was eager to get started ..

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