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Neil Patel here. Welcome to The Startup Investor!

We’ve got a lot to accomplish, so I’m going to dive right in.

Angel investing… Startup investing… pre-IPO investing… whatever you want to call it, it’s taken the world by storm.

Everyday people from coast to coast are now backing little-known startups, long before they IPO, and they’re exploding in value, becoming worth billions upon billions of dollars.

It’s making these angel investors wealthier than they ever dreamed possible. And now you can join them.

Excited? Good! You should be. I think it’s only a matter of time before you hit your first 1,000X exit.

In the meantime, this website has all the information you’ll need to get started. Feel free to take a look around. I’ll be back soon with more information.

Until next time,

Neil Patel


261 responses to “Welcome to The Startup Investor”

  1. I am looking for something, that will help me and my family, I am retired but it is not enough, I still have a mortgage, I hope this will work for me.

  2. dchsr@atlanticbb.net
    I am williing to get started. What’s the initial price to get started. I am interested in IPO Penny Stocks that have great potential. Let me hear from you asap. Thanks.

  3. I lost all my money by retaining 20 X 30 foot store rooms. At public storage. In other words, I burned that money: momthbin and month out. I HAVE no other money.
    Please help. I am selling my home.
    400,000 ? No: I rake a 50,000 or 100,000 loss because it is cluttered & not even freshly painted.?
    Please lease help.

  4. I lost all my money by retaining two 20 X 30 foot store rooms. At public storage. In other words, I burned that money: momthbin and month out. I HAVE no other money.
    Please help. I am selling my home.
    400,000 ? No: I take a 50,000 or 100,000 loss because it is cluttered & not even freshly painted. Please help.

    • Elissa…..youre not insane, but an emotional attachment to “stuff” that you can’t take with you is NOT healthy, or financially efficient. If you want something different, and a better situation you MUST take deliberate action. Let go of the past, take deliberate action in the present, so that you can have a simpler and more enjoyable future. Ditch the storage ASAP, sell the house and let the loss of equity be a reminder of why we should collect digital memories instead of “stuff”…..take pictures with your phone instead.

      Lastly, a relationship with Jesus is far more rewarding than collecting things that we can’t take with us when life is over……spend time serving others and your life will be too full to miss your collection.

    • I agree 💯 with Mark. I couldn’t have said it better myself. It’s just stuff. Let go and embrace what’s really important…the people around you and the experiences you have. You will have a whole new happy life if you do that. Embrace change, it’s the one constant we have.💕

  5. I would like to know if wa are required to be accredited investors or can it be anyone? Also I would like to know what the minimum amounts are that are required to start


      • Dear M. Neil Patel,

        Thank you for info, noted please,i would like to know the Guide for your differents way products & service, i would like to know what the miminuin amonts that are required to invested to start, and How many can to take each day of profit Gain- Noted, i am member of Academy Karyra Academy of the platform Kartra, if i have the Licenses & Agreement to work with your Satartup Invested – Yours Terms & Conditions

        El ammari Nour eddine

        Noted, My comany of the name with website : http://www.n3a.ch – in Construction actually with Kartra.com – USA Industry

    • You do not need to be accredited. For those who don’t know, that means you need money. Big $. But Congress in 2016 just opened this to all of us. The best way to understand what is going here is to look at the Angles and Entrepreneur program where you can see how to invest $50 at a time. I do not work for them nor do I benefit, but this is different because of the new laws and because of their credibility. I have watched Robert for years on Shark Tank and I think he genuinely cares and wants to share what he has learned. With the types of investing addressed here there are SEC limits, $2200-$5000, I think unless your net worth is 150K. I looked at Angel Investing before but I had no money. I paid $39 for this. I’d pay a lot more than that if I could spend even 10 minutes in a coffee shop getting advice from Robert . Here are the SEC regs and info from their program. A: No, angel deals do not require a broker. There are, however, guidelines that you will need to know to invest in some of these opportunities. To see those guidelines, visit the special report Decoding the SEC’s Raise Regulations.

      Q: Where can I make an angel investment?

      A: This depends on the type of offering a company is making. If it is a CF Offering, which is most common, you will need to register with the website the company has chosen. After registering, you need only to follow the directions and fill out the information to invest.

  6. The timing on the initiation of this opportunity is perfect for me. I have recently become involved in learning more about investor startups and the prospect of more is very exciting.

  7. Looking forward to starting this program. Please provide more info on how to join this program.

  8. Your video will NOT play.all it does is constenly time out! for some one that claims to have made all this money,and can’t even produce a simple video that will play straight through. some thing wrong with this story.

  9. What is the commitment and can it be small amounts $100-400 a time or are we looking for five n dimers $5-10k a pop?
    All opportunity has a basic model.
    What is this model.
    What is ROI
    Is it guaranteed? If not can it be insured?
    Sounds interesting but cautious

  10. I too am interested like everybody else on being able to get in on the newest companies coming to market. Will be looking for more info in the coming days and weeks. Thank you for coming up with a way to get into the new market of startups.

  11. I am new to this. I do not have a lot of money to get started. I can only do, at this time $100.00. I want to do this have way to much debt.

  12. Looking forward to this.I am new to this,retired.Need to clear my debts,buy a home and go on a holiday

  13. Is this a scam, there are many of them promising riches and it’s always foe fee, they tell you about these investments but not how to access the big profits.

  14. Scams happen everyday, I have spent lots of money and time and never reaped the rewards I was promised. I realize ever investment has a chance of making you money and losing money also. I also know when and if you trust the right person or firm you can reap unimaginable benefits and rewards, May our dreams come true with Neil.

  15. I bought do at $9.88 share ceased to $8 in 2 weeks should I hold on or sell at a lose

  16. I know the ad says I can invest with as little as $50. I am retired but am willing to risk $500. Am wondering if your training will cost more than this, in which case it’s a non-starter.

  17. I been looking for something like this for a long time. Now that I will finally retire from my job in 18 month. I can’t wait to start.
    My guts is telling me it will work.

  18. Very interested..wanna make serious money. Hope this will deliver as I have had my full share of losses due to wonderful vidios an a lot of talking. Ease keep it short and to the point.


  20. Neil I have been in this country a long time and had my ups and down lots of time but lost it all in my last business venture so am looking for some new ideas which will bring me and family up and enjoy life a bit , thanks for all u can do .

  21. I work with a start up and have learned much more by reading your introduction books. Thank you for helping us to help ourselves.

  22. I am totally new at this investing, I need all the help I can get, have no clue where or what to check out first or even get there, again please help

  23. I’ve never invested before, didn’t know how, and still don’t. Retired and need help with getting some extra money to live with. Looking for some amount of money to invest with. $50, 100, and maybe 200.

  24. I started investing in 2006 and have been part of 3 great runs. Now I’m ready to see continuual returns for the effort.

  25. I joined at the least expensive amount at this time and am interested in getting started. I will read up on everything but I want an investment to go with now at the $50 or $100 level

    • This opportunity feels write to me you just need to follow the instructions sign up with as little as $39.00 dollars, please some folks will blow this on sigs, or lottery in a week. you must be consistent and spread your funds, when one of the investments hit you will make up all your loses. Do not expect changes in your life, if you are not willing to do something different than what you were doing. This is not a quick fix, in my opinion if you have the patience to wait 2 to 5 years this is for you. I am a 64 year old Man I wish this was around back when I was 25, I failed in business for lack of funding today more things are possible, GOD Willing.

  26. Neil
    Thank you for the opportunity to learn from you in my new project, which is Angel Investing. Your information is timely. I have always wondered how can I get into these startup companies. Thanks again
    Krishna Ramrattan

  27. Chris and I are both extremely excited about becoming Angel Investors & Entrepenuaers. We can’t wait till we get our first “due Diligence Packet”. This is a whole new kind of investing for us.

  28. Looking forward to the opportunities that may arise from this which is expanding on my own foray into this early stage investment landscape. Will be looking to do some business.

  29. Hell Neil,
    Please tell me what’s the next step
    I want to learn everything I can from this site to make smart investments!!
    Thanks for the opportunity

  30. Hi. I need help to navigate thru this and to know how and what I need to do to get the best out of this program


  31. I’m interested, not sure what I need to do but, this is my first time doing it. I live paycheck to paycheck so I need a drastic change, I’m hoping this help me and my family.
    fingers crossed!!

  32. I am excited about this new venture. Know absolutely nothing! I always say that you only regret the things you do not do. I have realized that the only difference between millionaires and billionaires is; they are not afraid to fail, so time to step out of the box and my comfort zone and go for it!

  33. I broke my foot in an industrial accident last December and I’m currently on workmans comp. It’s very doubtful that I can return to my previous employer because I am disabled. I’m looking for something to bring in an income to support my disabled Wife and myself. I firmly believe that we have found it in this program.

  34. I am really anxious to get started on this. I always knew the old system was messed up so now people like myself that don’t have millions sitting around can do something with the money we do have. Thanks Neal can’t wait to get started.

  35. With angel investing not every investment will succeed and all invested money could be lost. The sites you go to will tell you this. You have to be able to lose money before you make money. If you make money it may take a year or longer before you realize any success. This will take time and is not an overnight get rich program. Also, I wish I knew if 1000x means $100×1000=$100,000 or if it means $100×1000%=$1000. Both are good returns but one is definitely better. It is a good idea to know what you are looking at before leaping blindly. Now, after all that, it sounds good and will see what happens.

      • Fred,
        Not sure that it’s only 1000%.
        No VC would invest in a company at the high risk seed-capital level to only make 10X their money.
        I think it’s 1000 times. (as in X) (or 100,000%)
        So a company at seed level with a valuation of 10Mil would eventually get to a 10 billion valuation. (rare as a unicorn)
        I’m not sure that 10X returns would excite too many people investing $50 to $100 in deals, especially if 1/2 of them fail (as they often can do with angel investing).
        The idea is to get a huge home run, where if all the others failed you’d still some out way ahead. 10x does not achieve this.

  36. Hi, my name is Karen. I have an idea for a product that I will be revolutionary. But I am not sure where I go to pitch this idea. Also I would love to be involved in this. As a mid life individual who has struggled all through life living pack check to paycheck, I would love something increase my income. I don’t have a lot of money but I could handle 100.00 at a time.
    Please let me know how to get started and what I need to do.
    Thank you
    Karen Anderson-Tomei

    • I retired ŕ years ago and still have to work. I’ve been praying for this for decades. I pray this is it. So tired of working. Gotta admit. Sounds too good to be true. I want to learn this investing in startups and be great at it. I know there’s risk but still excited

  37. Hi Neil, thank you for sharing and helping us with this very big opportunity. I needed some how to add to my retirement and this would be a perfect way of doing it. I was wondering if I chose one package and decided to buy a higher up package could I do that? Thank you!

  38. July, 16, 2019

    I’m a young 97 year senior and would like to leave an appreciable estate for my 3 daughters. Looks like you may be the one to help me achieve this goal. Am anxious to get started. I have faith in you.


  39. Have been very skeptical about investing but am very intrigued about what I have heard thus far with Angels & Entrepreneurs. This is totally new for me and not very educated about investing. So I need easy to understand help. I am also starting to think about retirement and need to up my income in order to retire comfortably! Realize there are risk also know that not taking a risk is keeping me with a very modest income! That being said : I’m taking that risk with Angels and hope to get educated so I am profitable. Excited to get started!!

  40. I am 81, looking for a way to put more money in the bank. Am still willing to learn, this may be it. Karen and I still work to keep active and healthy and look forward to what is to offer on this web.

  41. Hi Neil,
    I am so ready to get started in this new venture. I was about to quit getting those subscriptions. I’ve gotten involved with many categories that promise the world and never delivered much if any at all.
    I am convinced that this is the real deal and I am ready to ride the journey together with you.
    Marie Sales.

  42. Hi Neil,
    I am so thankful for your expertise and big heart. I have always thought the game was rigged and I would never have a seat at the table. Thank you so much for thinking of people like me and throwing out a lifeline. Bless you

  43. I’m almost 62 years old and lost everything from the crash of ‘08. I’m not looking for a get rich quick scheme, but a way to rebuild from the wealth I lost. I believe in the credibility of Neil and his willingness to share the lessons he’s learned to gain wealth in such a short time here on earth. I don’t have as much fruitful working years ahead of me as behind, so I’m taking a calculated risk and jumping in with both feet—and a lot of faithful prayer. I’m looking forward to the shared journey.

  44. I took the leap and invested in my first company last night! I’m very excited for the opportunity and look forward to see what the future holds!

  45. hi glad to have joined . i am considering this as my “first angel investment” hopefully i will see substantial gains . i have gone through the whole media library , very usefully advise but im hoping soon you will go into the “meat n bones” of angel investing to analyse in detail, like how to judge traction, where to research (other than google) the founders or the industry in which they are competing etc. how to effectively read and understand their financials. what im hoping to gain from joining this network is not just financial gain but a deep knowledge and understanding of Angel investment. trading in stocks n bonds to me is speculation . im looking to be a serious investor

  46. Hi Neil,
    I am interested to learn more . I am waiting for my Package to arrive and start soon

  47. Hi Neil,

    I am very, very excited to join you Neil to learn more about Angel Investing “and” Entrepreneurship. I am eagerly awaiting your Package which I want to use for both investing and as an entrepreneur to possibly fund my MTEL Corp. business.

    Thanks again to let me in on this wonderful opportunity.

  48. I was ready to sign up for this offer on my ipad but it would not accept my info. What’s with that?

  49. I’m excited about taking part in this new adventure. I’m looking forward to receiving my materials.

  50. I believe that this angle in investing makes a lot of sense in today’s world. The hard part will be choosing the right investment and exiting at the right time. I am very excited to embark into this new adventure which at minimum will allow me to learn from very successful people. Wish me luck!

  51. Where are all the $50 start up investments that you and Robert talked about in the video? The 3 recommended start ups listed are at a minimum of $100? Very confusing. I was planning on investing in about 10 start ups to have a diverse portfolio but at $100 a pop I can’t follow that plan. Please advise where I can find the $50 start up investment on your website ?


  52. I signed up because I’m at a crossroad in my life. Keep working like a dog with no personal life or, take a chance and see where this opportunity takes me. I’m tired of being around people who don’t have any ambition or drive. Something needs to change. I need new friends and mentors in my life who actually give a damn. Hoping that I made the right choice…

  53. Ok I’m never made the application like that.for me is affordable if I startup with 50 or 100 dollars to be confident and Willie I ill get mor acknowledge, just say whenn can I applay for the startup? Thanks for you help!!!

  54. Hi Neil,
    Honestly, I’m a little nervous, but I’m a risk taker in so many small ways it seems time for a giant step. Thank you for the opportunity to learn from your successes. I’m reaching for the Unicorn!

  55. Please let me know how to get started with startups with as little as $50?
    I am interested in this startup and I am actually new to this, so any help from you or any guidance from you is the best for investing in these startups.

    Thank you,

  56. I can’t wait to get started, I have not had an opportunity like this before ! I’m on social security and I struggling to get by and to help my fiance who is struggling. I can’t wait to hear from you, and thank you for what you are doing for all of us who can use help. Your a God send !

  57. Nice to meet you Mr. Patel. My name is Jaquan Daniels from Chattahoochee, Fl and I am 19 years old. Pretty much every since the beginning of the year, ive been studying entrepreneurship and investing. I’d love to meet with you one day and talk about future endeavors but in the meantime I’ll be studying your work. -Kollege

  58. HOW CAN I START INVESTING ?? I really don’t care what success others have had . I’m investing for myself and family . I need to know the steps to follow for investing in one of your ” start-ups. the coffee delivery start up. Now get me started ! thanks

  59. My wife and I are both retired we still have a Mortgage we would love to pay it OFF within the next 5 years.
    Thank you so much for this opportunity, we Pray this is the one to help
    us get out of DEBT!!

  60. This window of opp0rtunity that is new and amazingly captivating can be the Godsend I’m hoping it will be to ride on the coattails of the next unicorn and more .I want join in the elite status but can’t do the 495 right now hope its available in not to distant future

  61. Have been hoping to learn more about this and was very glad when I found this site. Made my first startup investment yesterday. Thanks for bringing opportunity to the average investor.

  62. Good afternoon Neil and team, this is Jack Jacobs.
    I just joined last Sunday. So far I have bought Sutter rock (ssss)
    And today I invested into TPVG. Tried to get into charger but it
    Closed again. :). Very excited and will continue studying and
    Learning all that can. This is all new to me
    Thanks. Looking forward to a prosperous future and exciting adventures..

  63. Most of my investing has been on stocks and options. These were done through my IRAs. How do we make investments into these startups? Is it all cash or can it be done through the IRAs?

  64. Hey everybody, like many of you I’m new at this. I’m excited to learn, I’m expecting some life changing results in time. Looking forward; let the fun begin.

  65. Having a small amount of hope is better than none and taking that small amount of hope and trying to mold it into reality is where I’m at now…

  66. Good Morning Neil
    As the old saying goes, “Better Late Than NEVER.” I am on a quest to learn more, do more and to have more during the 4th quarter of my life. Thank you and Robert as well as all the other founders of this amazing opportunity. See you on the beaches of the world; Debt Free!

  67. Hi I just purchase the 39.00 package I see you said 4 to 6 weeks for the Welcome kit to arrive, hope and pray it will work for ALL, Tks

  68. I am thankful for this amazing opportunity Neil. Excited to get started, I desire to live an extra ordinary retirement life…

  69. I’m retired, living on limited income. I’ve always taken care of myself, my disabled wife, and disabled mother, and I’m looking for a way to better provide without having to mortgage our home. I truly hope this is for real and not a scam.

  70. I’m ready to learn. I’m 72 years old I plan to retire in 5 years from a job I enjoy. Lord knows I need the extra income to do so.

  71. Interestingly, watching Dragons Den and later Sharks Tank I always gravitated towards Robert…now to actually have guidance from him is a gift. I have always told people “learn from other peoples mistakes cause your not going to live long enough to make them all yourself”.

  72. I’m looking forward to see if they can deliver on such a promising sounding endeavor. I wish everyone the best of luck.

  73. Hi I’m Gilberto. My Wife Has Gone Several Cancer Surgerys And We Are In Debt Seriously. I’m Interested In Learning. But I Have A Full Time Morning Job Can I Do This At Night? So I Can Get about Of Debts?

  74. Super Excited!!! Can’t wait to get started! I’m looking forward to the Empowering Journey Ahead. Thanks Neil for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of this Life-Changing Adventure.

    • I am a father of 4 children. I have 8 grandchildren. I would love to leave behind an inheritance to them .But I would like to enjoy some of it too. I lost everything after the oilfield shutdown. I’m a cross country trucker now. I am ready to learn what you have to teach me to be successful.

  75. I have weekly bought lottery tickets and scratch-offs for years with minimal hope to change my financial situation.Ive decided to take that money every week and start Angel Investing. I feel better about my chances so thanks Neil!

  76. Neil, I have a large family, 5 generations of children thru great=great grandchildren. I have been constructing a family Trust, and have been relatively successful in the market, having more than doubled an original starting value since 2012. Most of our net worth is in non=liquid Real Estate that we own free & Clear, and which we rent out to provide a stable, comfortable llifestyle for us. IIam currently training one of my children to know what I know and do what I do to keep the family trust solvent thru generations, but I need a lot bigger estate to accomplish my ustimate objectives, and this is the first program that I think may actually accomplish that. I really hope it does.

  77. Being hearing of America dream…..I hope this avenue lead
    me to it and share part of the pie with my family and friends.

  78. I have a really Good feeling about this way of investing because of one simple reason:
    I trust Robert and Neil .
    I can’t wait To get my package and make my first investment.

  79. I was married to man who ended up with all of my assets and destroyed my credit without remorse. Credit is back to “Very Good” and I am now rebuilding my assets since my spirit is well now.

  80. I am medically retired from my job. The income that comes with this is not enough to live on. I would like to be able to live comfortably in the near future. I have money in investments. But, they don’t make enough in revenue so I can live comfortably.

  81. Yesterday I joined your Angels and Entrepreneurs Program. I am 84, a Great Grandma and full of energy. I have no health problems and am very serious about helping the less fortunate . Especially children. I send money to charities all the time and wish I had more to send. When your name showed up on my PC I went nuts. My new Great Granddaughter is Angel. What a way to tell me “do it”
    Thank You Neil I will do great things with my investments.

  82. I don’t have much to invest.i live paycheck to paycheck,but I joined the program in hopes that I could make money on small investments.im not a greedy person.i just want enough to pay off my home.i have no retirement at all since my company is small and doesn’t offer a 401k and ill be there 20 years come april with nothing but the equity in my home..ive worked my whole life not counting 5 years at the post office and numerous other jobs.i owe 98000 on my home on a thirty year mortgage.i just was diagnosed witjh type 2 diabetes and I don’t know what I can do other than try this course and see if I get lucky with small investments through this program.i hope for your prayers and grace in wishing me well as ido for all of you.GOD bless and thank you for your prayers and good luck to all!

  83. I am ready to roll the dice. I am 70 years retired, and am hoping this will help pay the mortgage of my house in Hawaii and leave it free to my daughter and grand children. I look forward to earning good income for my retirement hopefully in the next five years or so, but not a decade. Obviously, how long will this investment last before reaping the success? Hopefully in less than 5 years.

  84. I believe this is the way to go, and that it will work.
    Is there anyone from Florida, Ft Pierce to Melbourne that would like to connect and maybe meet?
    I am a complete novice.

  85. Hi Neil.
    I am looking for something, that will help me , I am retired but it is not enough, I still have a mortgage, I hope this will work for me. I would like to buy $50.00 share on 10 different
    places as you suggested. Thank you


  86. For the past 20 years, I have buying the lotto to see if I could win some money to help my family. Sometimes it’s my whole pay chack, and that just sink me deeper and deeper into financial crisis, so most of my money went to lotto. Now I hope and pray that this will be the best thing I’ll do in my life that will make the difference.

  87. email: insulatorpb7@gmail.com
    I am late getting started, had other business to take of. I apologize for getting back so late, but i am interested and it’s going to be tough on me but i would like to take on the challenge.

  88. I’ve always wanted to get to investing but was always told “You’ll never make it”. Well, I’m ready to start. LETS GO!

  89. Hi Neil, I am happy and grateful for this chance to be on this platform. I will embrace all the knowledge from you. Currently have $500 that I can invest. I am looking forward to those with $50.00 angle business. And your guidance on how to invest.

    • Hi James,

      Thanks for reaching out! This deal is available to our VIP Founders. If you are interested in upgrading your membership, please contact our Customer Care team at 866-310-1498, and they’ll be able to facilitate that for you.



  90. would like to learn more about angel investing and get as much education I can get on what to look for in investing in a company that has 1000x potential.

  91. I’m definitely interested. I would like to retire soon, however I’m not financially stable. How do I get started? What are the requirements? What are my responsibilities to maintain such an investment?

  92. Absolutely am ready to do this. I was looking for two years at buying and selling stocks. That involves more time than I have available for the amount of return. This seems a little slower paced and hoping much more profitable. Can’t wait to do this.

  93. I really would like to retired soon ,and I want to know how and where to get started ASAP.

    Thank you , Joe

  94. I am brand new to this experience … I am hoping to earn some money so I can contribute to my family’s future!! My husband retires in 2 yrs & I would like to pay off our mortgage, or at least pay it down enough to make a difference!

  95. Hi Neil,

    I was quite impressed with your talk and offering and joined your lifetime plan. Hope to learn a lot in Angel investing before venturing into it. As I am at the end of my career in Banking & Finance sector, I thought of getting into something with a big upside potential and see if it can help in some of my future plans to myself begin something new. Btw, in case I have a good business idea based on my experience and expertise, will I get some help from your network.

  96. First off I want to thank you so much for opening up a way for people with a very small about of cash to get into investing in startup companies. I have read many of the comments and it seems to me that you might think about impressing on us out here that you are NOT a stock market broker and are not talking about investing in the stock market. So many of the comments are about that. Also, please emphasize that these are NOT get-rich-quick deals, they need the time to develop and when the time is right burst onto the scene and make us all rich!
    And to my fellow commenters out there; read, read, read and read. If you are not prepared to do more reading than you might ever have done then you will not be successful. Mr. Patel says that to us, take his words seriously. If you read everything on this site you will find the answers to so many of the questions I have seen posted here.
    Good luck to all of us in our new adventure, we have stumbled into a goldmine of good advice and information.

  97. Just joined Angels & Entrepreneurs , wanted to get started on the list of up an coming IPO`s Thx

  98. Hello Neil,

    I’ve never invested in anything before, I am very new to this. I am truly looking for a new opportunity to change my life as well as learn how to invest. Thank you for your time in showing us how we can change our lives.

  99. Hello Neil,
    I am interested in learning about angel investing. How do I get started in angel investing? I would love to get all the details. Thank

  100. how much do I need to try this and how much will time will it take to make some money. we had a guy who was are investor for 2 years we did good and he said we put the money from are money market and put in this sure thing and guess what happy to $200.000.00. he filed for bankruptcy and now I do not how to make some money. I m 82yr old

  101. Thanks Neil , I’m anxious to get started , hope to hear from you soon , I’m very interested in a few things that I’ve went over , hoping to get on that train soon .

  102. New here, lets see what it is all about, hope it is what it sounds like, well calculated risk

  103. Hello Neil and my fellow investors. Im super excited and anxious at the same time. I will also sign my husband and make this our Father’s day gift ☺️. Thank you Neil and Robert for thinking about the rest of us and for sharing this opportunity.

  104. I am not seeing at actual pathway for investing like this. IS there a website or app, are there lists of pre-IPO companies available for investing? Where can I actually place real money that can be directly invested? I hear all about what it is and why it is great, but no real life pathway.

  105. I am excited to start learning about Investing with Angels & Entrepreneurs. I am following a new path in life as the old one has not gotten me any where. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to what knowledge I will gain from you and others.

  106. I have tried to leave a comment many times let’s see how i do this time looking forward to see how i do, Looking forward to invest in some companies.

  107. Hello,
    I am not new to this I have been with Angel Publishing and Bull and Bust Report for the past 7 years at least. But I have never invested for better lack of ignorance and education. I also, live paycheck per paycheck and I am so sick and tired of being poor and I am ready to start small and grow to be someone with a successful life.

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