Earlier today, we held an emergency Private Dealroom meeting.

We did the whole thing remotely – I’m still on lockdown here in California, after all.

Normally, I don’t like doing our most sensitive Dealroom meetings without getting everyone together in person. And most of the time, we have the flexibility to schedule around making that happen.

But this time was different – because the deal we analyzed today is only accepting investors for 15 more days. After that, the window of opportunity will be closed… maybe forever.

It’s also one of the most impressive startups I’ve seen in a long time. It may be one of the most interesting, exciting, and promising companies we’ve ever seen.

For starters, this company checks all my boxes. It’s addressing a huge market; right now, it stands at an impressive $19 billion, and it’s projected to grow to $26 billion in just a few years.

Another thing I liked about it is the space it operates in. See, the tech that this medical device startup has developed is both unique and proprietary… which means nobody else can swoop in and steal it. But looking through some old records reveals that similar companies have had some stunning exits in the past decade. Sounds like a pretty favorable market to me.

As you know, one of the most important things I look for in a company is that it solves a problem. The more urgent the problem, the better.

Well, get a load of this: the company we discussed today could change the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans a year. That’s because this startup’s tech aims to dramatically increase the success rate of surgical procedures that are becoming more common every single year: knee and hip replacements.

These procedures are performed 600,000 times annually in the U.S. alone. You probably know at least one person who’s had one. And if you do, you know that these surgeries often leave patients with lifelong pain and discomfort. Every year, tens of thousands of them fail altogether.

The new tech in question combines 3D printing with state-of-the-art robotics to make and insert bespoke implants in a way that’s never been done before.

And then there’s my favorite part: the founding team.

This startup was founded by a world-renowned orthopedic surgeon with 17 years of experience under his belt. He’s literally performed thousands of joint replacement surgeries himself – which means he eats, sleeps, and breathes his work.

He’s got a really fascinating story behind his work… which is why we teleconferenced him into the Dealroom today. We honestly just couldn’t wait to hear what he had to say about what looked like an incredible opportunity – and once we heard from Dr. Doug, we knew we were looking at a startup with very real unicorn potential.

You really won’t get the full experience hearing it from me. You need to hear from the doctor himself… and I suggest you do it fast.

Because two weeks from tomorrow, the opportunity to invest in this startup for this round will be over, full stop.

Even if you aren’t looking to make any angel investments right now, you should hear what this guy has to say. It’s completely fascinating – and it’s a rare opportunity to hear from such an esteemed industry expert.

Just click here to check it out.

Until next time,

Neil Patel


27 responses to “This Potential Future Unicorn Is Moving Quickly – and So Are We”

  1. Hi Neil,
    I am 22 years old and am interested in your Angels and Entrepreneurs Summit start-up. I came across your website while doing research on different ways to invest. I was wondering what the best way to get the most out of your program would be. I do have some money put away but I do not think it is as big of an amount as older adults have. Due to not having a huge amount of money, I was wondering if you would recommend I purchase your gold two year program or one of the lower options. I would be happy to enter the gold one but am looking to get more information on the packages and what I would obtain form them.

    Thank you,

    • Hi Victor,

      I’d love to help! We actually have a Customer Care Team who can walk you through every single package individually. Just give them a call at (866) 310-1498 and one of my team members will be happy to talk to you.


    • I am a retired Florida lady that just purchased your $79 offer. The “market” has always provided an interest to me, but as a limited income lady I have been unable to pursue. After seeing your “$50 is all you need”, I decided to join. As stated above, I am not wealthy, but would love to invest $100 per month in your Angels system. My question to you is, are you even interested in such a minimal investor?

  2. How can I get involved and invest in this new medical knee replacement company without spending $1500 to sign up for the Private Deal Flow program? Not working right now due to the virus, but I have a few bucks to invest in this new company with Dr. Bob.

  3. Hi Neil,
    Question about the medical device… I have done some research in the replacement field. My concern is that Insurance companies will not pay for new improved replacement parts example Mobi-C the upgrade is an out of pocket expense. What are your thoughts on this? How would a new start up overcome this obstacle?

  4. I am a VIP Founder member and would like to know if I do have access to Neil Patel’s Private Deal Flow.

  5. Where and when I am going to find the new Private deal. I am a VIP Founder and my understanding is I will have accesss to this new portfolio of start ups.

    Anil Patel

      • I’m a VIP Founder,but I can’t get access to this deal unless I join “Private Deal Flow”. So it looks like some recommendations I can access, but the better deals require an upgrade to the Private Deal Flow program?

        • Hi David,

          Yes, this company is recommended as part of a subscription to Neil Patel’s Private Deal Flow, the VIP Founder tier. Founders and Elite founders do not have access.

          Hope this helps!

    • Hi David,

      The easiest way is to explore some private equity crowdfunding platforms – like StartEngine, SeedInvest, Wefunder, Republic, etc. They all have slightly different structures but will allow you to check out a variety of opportunities and invest directly through the site.

      Hope this helps!

  6. Hi Neil, I’m Dave. I want to tell you how excited I am to start this new journey In my life being an angel investor. Currently I am waiting for my new
    Member information package in the mail and can’t wait to get started. I’ve already been looking over a few start ups. I am a bit confused, as I listened to the opening video with yourself and Robert, you both talked about how this is affordable for everyone now and not just the wealthy. You spoke about not putting all our eggs in one basket on these deals, to be diverse! When I saw the affordability of the packages that you offered I jumped In and I’m excited! But as I started browsing through your website and looking at potential money making start ups such as Dr Doug’s new break through with robotic knee and hip replacement, I got excited, that was until I saw that you were charging over $1400 just to become what I call a higher ranked member. Am I misunderstanding what I’m reading? Because that would pretty much take all the eggs out of my basket, at least rite now. Are the better deals with higher potential always going to cost more with a higher costing membership? I really hope that I’m misunderstanding. I can’t wait until I get my first investment deal locked in and I look forward to many more exciting start ups. Thank you very much and stay safe.

    • Hi Dave,

      Dr. Doug’s company is recommended as part of a subscription to Neil Patel’s Private Deal Flow (the VIP Founder tier). However, every startup recommendation on angelsandentrepreneurs.com has passed my rigorous criteria and plenty of scrutiny by the research team. I’d stand behind any of them.

      Hope this helps,

  7. Neil, I was at the initial meeting and listened to the what the potential unicorn is … I am confused … Am I having to send the $1,000+ amount before I can invest? Please clarify how I can get in this initial investment.

  8. Hello Neil been with A&E for a minute wanted to invest in Dr Dougs medical piece where can I go to do that

    • Hello Audrey,

      If you are a VIP member, you can access this deal here: https://angelsandentrepreneurs.com/deals/167463/. Scroll down to “Angel Action Plan” to learn how to invest.

      If you’re not a VIP member and would like to upgrade your membership, please contact our Customer Care team at 866-310-1498, and they can facilitate that for you.



  9. I would like to invest in Dr Dougs unicorn. The only problem I have is if I join the higher club I might not be able to afford the investment. With that said I “REALLY” want to take the chance!! But if I don’t have the money after going higher up, what’s the use? So my question is simple, and I think a lot of people would like an answer to my question. We know the cost of joining. The question is, What range is the minimum investment going to cost, Hundreds or Thousands?

    • Hi there,

      Thanks for reaching out. The minimum investment for this company is $1,000.


  10. How much does it cost to upgrade to VIP? Would A&E consider allowing those of us who could not afford VIP plan to pay a one time premium for a particular Unicorn deal? It’s just so difficult to do the “advanced”, more expensive membership when you’re on a very limited income. Thank you.

    • Hello Paula,

      Thank you for reaching out. Our Customer Care team can help you answer any questions you have about membership pricing. They are available at 866-310-1498, Monday-Friday from 9AM to 5PM.



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