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Neil here. Let’s talk strategy for a minute.

If you have ever invested in assets of any kind before, you have probably heard the same advice: diversify.

It’s good advice that will probably hold true until the end of time. Here’s why: there’s no such thing as a guaranteed return.

Imagine if there was a single stock out there that was 100 percent guaranteed to kick consistent profits back to its investors. Wouldn’t everyone on earth try to buy shares?

Realistically, all types of investing come with some amount of risk, however small. Luckily, the angel investing world has some built-in protocols that give startup investing a real edge over trading stocks. After all, in the stock market, there’s not much you can do but buy, sell, and watch.

As an angel investor, you have the power to actively steer your investment towards success. And, if you have a well-oiled strategy for selecting your investments, you can reduce the changes of sustaining a loss even further.

If you’re not sure where to begin with your own strategy – or if you want to learn how I do it – just click here. My 1,000X Formula works for me, and I believe it’ll work for you, too.

In the meantime, let’s talk about ways to turn potential failures around… and keep more of your hard-earned cash.

Check out the video above to learn more.

Until next time,

Neil Patel


16 responses to “The Biggest Winners Always Follow this Advice”

  1. Neil – I am delighted with the quality and variety of startup companies that you are presenting. I would be tempted to invest if I were not also actively engaged in raising funds for another startup (we actually have a LOT of funding traction – but are going after it one angel group and one investor at a time). How do you choose which companies merit presentation?

  2. Only thing I can say thats good advice since you have already experienced that. You have been in the business for many years and I’m still trying to learn how to invest by myself. Thus far no one have given a demostration as to what a new investor does right from the beginning when the Investor desires to invest right from the start. There are times I want to invest but I don’t know what to do. All 47+ years my experience have been solely working in every phase of law enforcement. When a deal should arise what should I do?

    • Shark Tank
      I’m always watching . I am a inventor with so many ideas.
      Alot have gone to market in other ways.
      If I’m with Ribert. I’m in.

  3. I am a veteran on disability and I’m looking to invest. So whats my next step? I really dont want a whole lot of sale’s pitching. I am ready to start off small and see where that’s going to take me. There’s chances in everything we do.

  4. Shark Tank
    I’m always watching . I am a inventor with so many ideas.
    Alot have gone to market in other ways.
    If I’m with Ribert. I’m in.

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