Neil here. Is it just me, or does it feel like each week in quarantine goes by a little faster?

Those first couple of days and weeks were almost unbearably tedious – but now, the time is positively flying. Maybe it’s because we’re resigned to our fate, and accepting this new reality has made it feel normal.

Or maybe it’s just a blur now that we all have so much less to do. John Steinbeck once wrote, “Eventlessness has no posts to drape duration on. From nothing to nothing is no time at all.”

It sounds a bit lonely, doesn’t it? Even for those of us who are blessed enough to hunker down with the people they love the most – myself included – it takes a toll to spend so much time away from the rest of the world.

Human beings are social creatures. We’re pack animals. We need each other. This undeniable fact has come into razor-sharp focus over the past few months. What other explanation is there for virtual Zoom parties?

We’re so desperate for group connections that we’re using enterprise collaboration software just to get the meager high of a flat, awkward, 2D hangout. If you’ve been to one of these video-conferencing happy hours or FaceTime game nights, you know exactly what I mean. It feels better than nothing, but it’s not quite enough to replace what’s missing.

This is exactly why we’re seeing a huge trend towards more immersive experiences. Hell, if the coronavirus had happened ten years later, we’d all be wearing VR headsets, sitting in computer-generated conference rooms, and visiting each other face-to-face in cyberspace.

The fact is, the tech just isn’t there yet. But I have a sneaky feeling it will be soon… because the harsh reality of not having it around is so much clearer now.

Since we can’t sit around the dinner table with holograms of our extended family and friends, many people are turning to the next best thing: video games.

For the past decade or two, video games have trended towards more aggressive themes, like first-person shooters and other “fighting” games.

But right now, we’re seeing a fascinating trend towards video games that let you do… well, almost nothing. These games involve living out a sped-up, idyllic but largely mundane lifestyle. You run errands, go to work, talk to neighbors, and generally just enjoy yourself.

Nintendo’s “Animal Crossing,” released at the end of March 2020, is essentially a playful, pastel-colored depiction of a happy, relaxed life… and right now, it’s the second-best-selling video game of 2020.

In the game, you do favors for townspeople, collect seashells, decorate your home, plant flowers, catch fish, and visit your friends and family in their own virtual worlds. Without VR, it’s about as close as we can get to living a normal and happy life with the people we love.

As the coronavirus crisis winds down and people return to work, I expect to see huge amounts of VC funding moving in the direction of augmented and virtual reality – not just hardware, but also the software, AI, and other forces that power these systems.

The next six to twelve months in this space could be critical, so if you’re scouting for angel investments on your own, I suggest you strike while the iron is hot… because by the time the technology is ready for humanity, consumers will be chomping at the bit to use it.

And let me know if any other sectors have caught your eye lately. I look forward to hearing your point of view.

We’ll talk soon.

Until next time,

Neil Patel


25 responses to “The Biggest Trend We’ll See Next In Tech (It’s Not What You May Have Expected)”

  1. The internet needs an information highway with an interstate of harmony.
    Solar Energy conversion is dear to me as well

  2. I like what you have to say Neil I think you’re on target it fits right in with the younger generation

  3. Hi Neil,
    How early is too early to get in on a startup and are there any startups right now you would suggest.

  4. I think you are on to something. I have seen more people on these video games playing family members across town and even in different states. Do you think once the economy opens back up people will lean more towards human to human contact again?

  5. Hi
    I need to say that I have never done this I never bought stocks or trading I don’t have any idea what I am to do or even know what to look for so I am asking you to help me take my hand and lead me to see whats in my path to being independent wealthy woman. I will do what you say how you say I just need you to lead me.
    Thank you,

  6. I really want to be a part of this agel investing..please send me info. I dont make a great deal of money but I can put a few hundred dollars a month into this. I am just starting to invest and this seems like the way to go.

  7. Hi Mr. Patel,
    Excited to be a Founder along with you, and I’m looking forward to investing in my first 1000X startup! This new venture you mentioned definitely appears poised take off in 2020. #DEAL FLOW #DEAL FLOW #DEAL FLOW

  8. I am new to everything can’t say i know alot, I don’t have alot but i agree with your thinking and I do want to start investing in something. name is Loretta Leggett, email

  9. driver less cars and that technology is somethimg too explore batteries etc my 2 cents. I have a question if i guy does not get in on the 1st stage when it comes out if he invest in the 2nd phase how much value does he loose thanks rick

  10. I quite agree with you. With the accelerating roll out of 5G, and ironing out a few glitches, Virtual Worlds are almost here, and they will be ubiquitous, from Medical Imaging to toed worlds of combat, to gaining a better feel for, say, chaotic systems such as pushing the ionic propulsion system to the next level, we’re rushing headlong into norm breaking disruption.

  11. Have you guys ever seen the movie “Surrogate” Starring Bruce Willis? If not take a look at it for educational purposes and knowledge absorption on where we are not even close to yet in publicly released technology. We have VR, its here but has not hit it’s big bang yet. Tesla has its self driving features, inside and remotely. Look at where tech is on it’s way to but not yet there globally. I would call these “Flags”. We know it’s going to happen it’s just a matter of when its going to happen and getting in on a start up before it does. Reading is your bestfriend and a major key to your success.

  12. I just had one of my coworkers talking about she never plays games but she loves Animal Crossing. She says it gives takes her mind off being anxious to get out and move around. Even another coworker who is a college student says he plays when he is not studying. I would love to get in on this stuff!!

  13. Neil, I am 50 % liquid and looking for opportunity to invest. Please send me additional info for investing.

  14. Neil,
    I am looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship. I’m new to angel investing. I hope that this will be very advantageous and rewarding.

  15. Neil,
    I have Gen X and Gen Y in my family, so I definitely know gaming is here to stay! I feel the games as mentioned with a building aspect are good, especially the younger generation(s). Marvel and Disney related are good as well as the movies are still very popular.

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