Neil here.

It’s only June, but we’ve had a full year’s worth of important lessons already.

We’ve learned that the most unprecedented global events can turn the entire world on its head. Clearly, we can never really know what’s about to happen next.

We’ve also learned the most volatile times produce tremendous innovation, growth, and progress. That’s kept me pretty hopeful for the future.

There are still six months left in the year, and I know there will be a few more lessons to learn before we hit 2021. And it’s not all negative… in fact, I think we’re about to see major continued growth in some gigantic industries through December and beyond.

Let’s dive in:

  1. Accelerated progress in the ecommerce industry

When we entered 2020, there were plenty of sectors on the rise, and I don’t expect them to slow down anytime soon.

Take ecommerce. Digital Commerce 360 reports that in the fourth quarter of 2019, ecommerce sales in the United States reached approximately $187.25 billion. This was a 16.4% increase from the same period in 2018.

This year, huge corporations like UPS are reporting demand increases of around 9% in ecommerce deliveries. That signals some ecommerce companies – both big and small – are growing faster than ever before.

By the end of Q1 2020, U.S. consumers spent approximately $146 billion online… marking a 14.5% increase from 2019. And I bet the second quarter will show even more significant growth.

But, it’s not just about the near-term. Accelerated momentum in ecommerce – and so many other markets – will completely shift the behavior of consumers, workplaces, companies, and more into the foreseeable future, signaling an increasingly exciting time for investors down the line.

  1. A focus on communication and connectivity

This year, millions of employees and students moved their offices and studies home. And for most of us, it’s unclear when we’ll be able to reenter our traditional office workspaces.

We’ve also seen gigantic tech corporations like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook shift their workplace policies to allow their employees to work from home through the end of the year.

And in an unprecedented move, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey announced last month that most of his employees will be allowed to work from home “forever.”

I’ve said before that remote work is here to stay, and I’m sticking by that.

It’s going to define how many of us perform our day-to-day work tasks, and we have to get used to it. But it can also be isolating, and many companies are continuing to develop cloud-based technology necessary to foster communication and connectivity in a distributed society.

We’ve seen it with apps like Zoom and Slack for work. But we’ve also seen it outside the workplace with cloud-based and online gaming apps for friends… think apps like JackBox Games, Houseparty, or QuizUp.

I fully expect the cloud applications industry to expand tremendously into the future. According to Grandview Research, the market was valued at $266 billion in 2019, and it’s expected to keep growing at a rate of around 15% through 2027.

  1. An increasingly personal investor and founder relationship

I believe the companies who continue to grow through the end of 2020 and beyond will be the ones who are prepared for whatever crisis may come next.

And they’ll need all the help they can get… which is where you come in.

Capital is extremely important to a startup’s growth and success, but as an angel investor, you have the ability to bring more than just cash to the cap table.

Every investor has a set of unique skills… whether that’s a solid business acumen, some well-established connections, or just some really great advice. All of it is useful to a company that’s just starting out, and you have a real opportunity to be there right from the beginning.

That’s why I’m thrilled that we’ve built a community that’s so important for investors and startups alike.

Because together, we’re honing the skills necessary to prop up the most lifechanging ideas of future, and I’m so excited to see where we go from here.

Until next time,

Neil Patel


18 responses to “The 3 Biggest Trends to Expect for the Rest of 2020”

  1. I wanted to ask why am I getting sent to other people that want me to pay a certain amount to invest in their advice when that is what I thought I invested in Angels & Entrepreneurs to get this advice?

  2. I hear lots of talk about ”making it happen”. I have only seen ONE ACTUAL “OPPORTUNITY”, so far ( The Cannabis Hotel in Las Vegas. As far as I can see, this fails on your claims in several ways:
    Firstly, you promo talked about investing small sums in pre-IPO deals, real Start Up stuff; but the Cannabis Hotel is a minimum 1,000 x $1.00 shares. Now I know Stocks split over time, but it is hard st conceive of a $1.00 stock going to $1,000 [1000X?] in 3 to 5 years!, forgetting the fact that I am a broke but entrepreneurial guy who has been wiped out but can maybe invest $50 -$100 per month, in the anticipation of making some 1000X gains in the next 5 years.

    So my question is, where the opportunities for folk like me!

    I’ve just been offered something interesting by someone else, but once again they seem more interested in taking my ‘Membership Fees” than getting the ‘rubber on the road”!

  3. How do I begin to realize what you promised. I have spent hours reading and watching videos, where is the meat? I’m ready for action,enough talk, time for action!!

  4. Hey Neil,

    Why don’t you people answer these folks/members questions? They have valid questions and need answers. I’m a lifetime member and have a few questions myself. Like WHY is it that we are sent to all these other people’s videos to watch what they’re selling, but where are the A&E deal flows and where are the tools that were advertised on the SUMMIT video? Where’s the “DUE DILIGENCE” package 1 & 2, the boot-camp dvds, etc? No offense, but are all those tools non-existence??? Also, I realized that you’re promoting other people’s videos for different investment deals, but you have yet to meet your “due diligence” to these folks/members. Some of them are seniors between the ages of 65 and above. They are newbies to investing and have a lot of questions. I don’t want to sound bossy, but WHAT THE HECK, Neil? Yes, diversify, diversify, diversify! But getting bombarded with more investment deals from other networks, watching videos after videos of long winded, boring and NEVER “get to the point” videos gets too overwhelming and uninterested after a while. Most of these folks/members are only interested in Angels & Entrepreneurs deal flows.
    Can someone please advise? Oh and by the way, please explain the “DILUTION” of shares to these folks. Thank you.

    • Hi there,

      I’ll try to address your questions one by one…

      First and most importantly, your due diligence packages (AKA deal pages), Bootcamp videos, and everything else that comes with your subscription can be found on the website – they’re fully digital resources! We recently added a website tour video that should help you navigate. Check it out here: Just scroll down to the video.

      We do occasionally send out opportunities to learn more about other forms of investing (stocks, options, etc.) because we want to give you all the resources available so you can make informed decisions. We understand some folks may not want to hear about these other things – if that’s the case, you can call our Customer Care Team at 1-866-310-1498 and ask them to turn off marketing emails.

      As for your dilution question… That’s a great idea. I’m going to make a mental note to write a piece about this soon.

      Have a great day!

  5. I finally had the time to watch the “Summit” video. I have yet to find the link to signing up. It is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time now. Help.

  6. Hello Neil,
    Some time back you asked for input from members, on what improvements they would like to see at A&E. What improvements do you plan to implement in response to the feedback you received?

    • Hi James,

      Thank you for reaching out! This is a very fair question — our team is currently in the process of rolling out some site changes in response to popular feedback we received from the survey sent to members.

      For example, we recently rolled out a Deal Filter on the Deal Flow page to allow members to sort deals by deal type, sector, whether it’s open or closed, etc. This was a highly requested feature that we’re excited to share with you now. We’ve also placed individual Cheat Sheets on each company page, as well as a website demo tour on our Frequently Asked Questions page, in response to member feedback.

      Stay tuned for more Network updates coming soon. We’re working on this, and we’re excited for you to keep up with the progress!

      All the best,


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