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April 29, 2022

by daymond john
star of shark tank and founder of fubu

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Hi, it’s Daymond John here.

Ask a dozen hot-shot executives at any venture capital firm why they love angel investing.

And they’ll all tell you a different version of exactly the same thing…

Because the returns can be more lucrative than anything else.

And it’s true. I’ve seen it firsthand.

But here’s the thing…

The real reason why I love angel investing isn’t a financial one.

Because to me…

Angel Investing Is about Way More than Just Making Money

When you become an angel investor, you’re making a bet on companies – and the people behind them – when they’re just starting out.

You’re saying to them…

“I believe in you. I have faith in what you’re doing. And I want to help you change the world.”

Because any company that ever made it – they didn’t do it on their own. They all had angel investors backing them from day one.

And those early angel investments helped create thousands of new jobs. And they gave millions of folks a shot at a better life.

Does Microsoft's Board Need a Shakeup? - Channel FuturesTake Microsoft.

They had one angel investor – a guy named Dave Marquardt.

In 1981, he owned around 5% of the company.

Thanks to his bet on Microsoft, Dave was rewarded with tens of millions of dollars.

And today, Microsoft employs 163,000 people.

Then, there’s Google.

One of their early backers was another Dave – David Cheriton.

He was a college lecturer who cut a check for Google from his front porch.

Today, he’s a billionaire.

And last year, Google provided jobs for 121,000 workers.

Or take my company – FUBU.

My mom was my first angel investor.

She remortgaged her home to help me when I needed it most – right at the beginning.

And her bet paid off as FUBU grew into a $6 billion business and employed hundreds of people in 27 countries around the world.

Angel investors are the unsung heroes behind the companies that changed America.

And they played a part in helping some of our most brilliant innovations become a reality.

Today, you have a shot to become an unsung hero of tomorrow.

I’m launching the boldest mission of my entire career.

My mission is called…

I’m joining forces with some of our greatest entrepreneurs to find the next generation of American visionaries.

I’m talking about the innovators who will ignite a new era of prosperity in our nation…

Providing jobs for thousands of folks and opening doors for millions more across the country.

Our goal is to help them rebuild America.

And you have a major role to play in making sure we succeed.

To take part in our mission, click here now.

I want as many folks as possible to join my mission. Because between us, we can all help these startups succeed.

Here’s a rundown of what to look out for when America’s Comeback Summit goes live…

✔️ We’ll show you how you can play a pivotal role in helping America’s Comeback succeed with just $50…

✔️ We’ll reveal the secrets that helped ultrasuccessful entrepreneurs invest in the likes of Airbnb, 23andMe, and Coinbase before their IPOs…

✔️ We’ll tell you why the “1,000X Formula” is critical in helping us identify the innovators that will lead America’s Comeback…

✔️ You’ll discover the three hottest trends for investing in startups right now – including a market that’s projected to soar from $162 billion to $802 billion in the next six years…

✔️ You’ll get full details on the two startups that will lead our mission – including why they’ve passed our 1,000X Formula with flying colors and why they have the potential to become future household names.

To join, just click here.

I can’t wait for us to go to work.


The CEO of “the next” Tesla, Amazon, or Apple is working around the clock somewhere in some tiny office with dreams of hitting it big.

Let’s find them, and let’s play a direct role in helping them lead America’s Comeback.