The Eight Wealth-Building Secrets America’s 1% Has Saved for Themselves

By Money Morning Staff

Every year in this country, more than 675,000 different people make their first $1 million.

Some of those people were born with silver spoons in their mouths – inheriting their fortunes or making money off family connections…
But according to a 2017 survey, the vast majority of those people – 88% – are self-made.

And they come from all walks of life…

From a 24-year-old girl in New York who bootstrapped her way into a business that made her $1.1 million in a month…

To the 92-year-old janitor in Vermont who took his modest salary and, over his lifetime, quietly amassed an $8 million fortune.

But how did they do it?

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In case you don’t know yet… there are eight Laws to Success that rich people just intrinsically understand.

Like figuring out…

That the only thing that matters is creating value… not working harder.
For example: Can you tell where the true value is for your boss and his company? If you can deliver that, he will pay you pretty much whatever you want.

The difference between poor and rich isn’t their bank account.

It’s their operating system, their mentality.

And a new video is showing Americans exactly how ordinary people can use these Laws to be able to get on the path to making their first $1 million.

Some people have figured out how the world around them really works.

Like the woman who already added an extra $82,000 a year to her income…

All while working less than ever.

One of the men interviewed makes over $1 million per year… The Eight Wealth-Building Secrets America’s 1% Has Saved for Themselves

While rarely working more than four hours a day.

And they’re doing it all without investing in stocks or trading options.

It is all thanks to the and getting them right makes winning practically automatic.

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