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Every few months, a new trend takes the startup world by storm.

Remember when subscription meal delivery was all the rage? Dozens of startups popped up – HelloFresh, Blue Apron, Sun Basket, Freshly, The Purple Carrot – and received hundreds of millions in VC funding.

I must have seen or heard about at least two dozen “meal delivery kit” pitches that year.

But I didn’t invest in any of them.

Why? Because by the time these startups were pitching to me, the space was already getting crowded.

More than that, though, I was put off by one thing: the trendiness of these companies.

All too often, angel investors line up to invest in the hottest new trend. I think that’s a mistake.

Luckily, I know of a much better (and much safer) strategy: invest in “ugly” businesses.

Let me explain. I don’t mean that you should go around throwing money at companies that are boring or directionless.

Rather, you should invest in startups that solve real problems for real people. Sometimes, those solutions aren’t as sexy as what’s on trend right now – but you can bet that they’ll make you more money than a company that’s just riding the wave of popularity.

Eventually, trends die off. If you’re locked into a deal with a startup that fizzles out before making it to an exit… you can say goodbye to your return.

That’s why I always look for startups that are solving problems. They don’t have to be sexy, trendy, or particularly interesting – they just need to have an effective niche.

One startup I’ve had my eye on lately fits this description to a tee. It’s a software platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help enterprise clients keep the customers they are at the greatest risk of losing.

If you’ve ever worked in sales, you know that customer retention is, arguably, even more critical than customer acquisition. In other words, it’s easier and much more lucrative to hold onto an existing client than it is to sign a new one.

As you can imagine, the sales industry is ready and eager to pay up for this startup’s services – after all, it’s the only company out there leveraging this new tech for this specific purpose.

Maybe that’s why this tiny company’s revenues have grown more than 350% in one year. I think it could be well-positioned to take on dozens of huge clients and grow much, much more.

There’s still time to lock in a ground floor opportunity with this small company; in fact, they’re actively accepting investments from anyone who sees value in their mission.

Just click here to learn more about this startup – and how it could potentially kick back a 1,000X return to its angel investors.

Until next time,

Neil Patel


14 responses to “Investing in the Hottest New Trends? Here’s What You Need to Know”

  1. I have been against the whole AI movement. It is not very good. Until more powerful computers evolve and better programs are developed the business of trying to make it really useful sucks. I do not like it in cars because it is slow and annoyingly late to give real solutions just like a company that thinks getting rid of a quality person will solve all the incoming calls. Computers and AI do not function as well as a human brain. Poor substitute. By the way one of my cousins was an AI developer of systems for jet fighter aircraft. He left that to try to develop a company for AI which could never find the correct market and died.

  2. I want to know like i am from South Africa i invested in few of the startups which you have provided if any of these start ups makes or if there is any return for me from my invest ment how will i be able to retrieve my return from the company that i have invested in or how will i know that i did not received any return

  3. Good morning ,I’M Delores M.Franklin I am really interested in becoming an investor is it really true that I can take $ 50.00 dollars or even $100.00 dollars and it make a huge profit, can you show me it works because I don’t know the first thing about stocks, I don’t even know how to set up a website account my daughter made me these two email account ,deloresfranklin91@yahoo.com and deloresfranklin91@gmail.com,and showed me how to check the emails and that is all that I know to do,I want to make an investment with the money that I have before spend it on something else. I would like for you to help me do this.because I am a 69 year old woman don’t know to much about these computers and I am not a fast typist either it is going to take me a good 30 or 40 minutes to finish this note to you about me wanting to become a startup investor , I want to start making some money, I am retired I need something to do be side paying my bills and the little money that I left out of my check I want to make an investment with it if I can,will you show me how to do this.you can email me or call me the phone number is (985) 318-9508, talk to you soon have blessed day Delores M.Franklin

    • I am looking to become a angel investor and would like some information on how to get started and what it involves other than giving you monies. There are so many rumors out there about investing your hard earned money only to get involved in an investment and lose it, rumors about do not trust banks , do not trust annuities in all actuality DO NOT trust investment firms or stock markets at all so who do you trust and can this company guarantee I am not just giving you money and never see it again or are you an honest upright company looking out for your investors I realize it is a gamble but I want to invest my money and have a secure safe feeling I am doing the right thing with your company talk is cheap action and good results is what I am looking for

  4. When it comes to this sort of stuff I know nothing, I do need to make some money so I’m ready to learn and invest. Please help me do so . Thank You so much.

  5. My name is Kim Tran .
    I am really interested in become an investor
    I would like to start making some money
    Please show me how to start
    You can call me at 858-573-1831
    or you can email me

  6. I am interested in your investment system, only I do not know where to start. Please provide the information as to how, where I invest.

    Thank you

  7. would like information on angel investing. how to get started and where to get information on start up companies looking for investers. would like to start with smaller investements

  8. How do you start a “portfolio?” I have not seen that information anywhere. I don’t want to spend anymore than the original fees I paid to join until I feel that I can trust in this company, and that there’s more help shown to get started at investing.

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