With Christmas right around the corner, I’ve been thinking a lot about how much retail has changed.

It’s not just the obvious effect of ecommerce on the way we do our holiday shopping. It’s much more than that.

A decade ago, Christmas shopping meant sneaking off to the mall with a long list of question-marked ideas. We waited in long lines and dodged screaming children running for Santa. Jingle Bell Rock blared from all directions, intermingling with the sounds of robotic toy dogs, talking action figures and the low whispers of parents operating at peak stress. What an experience that was.

Then came the glorious era of ecommerce. Once Amazon started doing its thing consistently, more and more people left mall shopping behind for good. To this day, there’s something thrilling about ordering wall art, toothpaste, hubcaps, scrapbooking kits, and bulk cases of Ritz crackers from the same place – especially when it shows up at your door two days later.

But the past few years, I’ve noticed a new trend biting off bigger and bigger chunks of the retail space: specialized ecommerce.

I’m talking about startups that focus on doing one thing… perfectly. Think about it. So many of the hottest gifts this year can’t be found on Amazon or at Walmart. You have to buy them directly from the manufacturer.

Selling D2C (direct-to-consumer) goods can be risky – after all, it’s much harder to get your product in the customer’s hands – but something about these startups tends to have a viral effect on consumers once they take off.

If you want the best sneakers for men this year, you’re probably looking for Allbirds. The hottest new women’s shoe? Birdies or Rothy’s. For luggage and travel, you’ll probably end up shopping at Away. Dollar Shave Club for razors… Boll & Branch for sheets… Warby Parker for eyewear… Casper for mattresses and pillows… the list goes on and on (and on).

D2C is all the rage… which is a pretty impressive feat, if you think about it. Who would have thought that people would go back to boutique-style shopping in a world ruled by Amazon Prime?

The great thing about this trend is that it’s good for entrepreneurship. For a few years there, Amazon had all but steamrolled everyone on the playing field, leaving smaller businesses and specialty shops in ruin.

Today, small online businesses are making a comeback. And it’s not just retail that’s booming. People all over the world are making money hand over fist just writing articles and blogs.

There are more than 1.5 billion websites out there – in fact, I’m willing to bet that many of you have a site of your own.

And for those of you who do… when was the last time you posted? Are you using SEO tools to rank higher in Google searches?

Have you ever turned a profit from it?

Why not?

Here’s the thing: if you ask 100 website owners these same questions, 99 of them will answer the same way. They haven’t posted in a few months. They’re intimidated by SEO and other marketing tools. And this whole website thing is starting to feel like a burden – because after years at the helm, they’re no closer to making money than they were on launch day.

This is completely, 100% normal. I’m lucky enough to head up a solid half-dozen profitable online businesses. But for each one that succeeded, there were a dozen more that failed.

Each and every one of them taught me something important… and today, I feel confident that I could steer just about any website to profitability in under a year.

If you want to do the same, the number one thing you need to focus on is traffic. You need people to see your website. The more, the better. More eyes on your page means more purchases, higher Google rankings, and of course, more ad dollars.

So how do you increase traffic on a website that’s brand new… or one that’s been neglected for a few years?

That’s where the Double-Your-Traffic Master Class comes in. It’s a 100% free class I put together for anyone whose web traffic is flatlining… anyone who’s wasting thousands of dollars on ads each month… anyone who’s looking for quick strategies that could boost their traffic by 7% in just a few days.

These are some of the tools I used to take my website to the next level back when it was a struggle just to break even. Today, it pulls in millions of dollars a year.

The craziest part is that anybody can do what I did, with the right tools and a little hard work. And this class is the perfect way to get started. Just click here to learn more.

Until next time,

Neil Patel


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