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Long before I was an angel investor, I sat on the other side of the table as a startup founder.

I’ve personally founded four successful businesses. And let me tell you – it is seriously grueling work.

It was all worth it, though, and not just because I ended up making money.

More than anything, I’m glad I did it because each business started with an amazing idea. And what’s better than watching an amazing idea come to life?

World-changing ideas are the bedrock upon which the startup world is built. Every successful business starts with one.

But what does a great idea really look like?

You’re going to hear a lot of pitches from a lot of founders.

And every single one of them is going to tell you that their idea is revolutionary.

So how do you tell the difference between a founder with a billion-dollar idea, and one who’s just blowing smoke?

Check out the video above to learn how I do it.

Until next time,

Neil Patel


83 responses to “How to Spot a Billion-Dollar Idea”

  1. Ok just what are we talking about???
    An Idea??? Ok I have an Idea???
    I am in the process of making a portable elevator that can lift around 300lb’s up around 3 feet to let a person enter there RV trailer. It has to be portable so that it can fit into the trunk of a car and light enough to lift out and roll on wheels to the front of there RV trailer and slide into place and step on and touch a button and lift up to the top of the steps or door of the RV and step off into there home.’
    Thank you Ronald.
    I just don’t have the money to get it up and running at this time and looking for some one to help with the money it will take to do it. I am looking into some elevator’s that will do the job just fine, But need to talk to the elevator company to see if I can get the elevator’s a wholesale or parts to get my unit up and running.

    • Hey Neil,
      I’m a new founding member and am very excited about the potential possibilities that may and/or can occur or emerge.
      I appreciate the insights and Intel on this video
      Looking FWD to getting my PKG and to begin this new prosperity
      journey in my life
      Steve Braxton

    • Hey Ron,
      Maybe look into patent pending for your idea. Once you have the patent pending I would approach the larger RV companies. An idea to expand on yours would be a unit built in where they already have the stairs.

    • Hey Ronald,
      Possibly look into getting a patent pending. once you have the patent pending then approach the larger RV companies. And idea to expand on yours might be to incorporate your elevator device where they already have the portable stairs that you use to enter your RV.

    • Great info Neil thank you, I am a new Lifetime Angel and have invested in two potential deals


    • Ron,

      My wife and I have kicked this idea around. She has physical issues that make stairs an obstacle. We are interested in purchasing. Do you have a prototype and or a patent?

  2. Well yes this will change people’s live’s because it will let them get into there home easyer. there are elevator companies out there and yes I will probably use one of the already produced elevators but it will not be the same elevator i start with and no I don’t think there is any one else doing it out there at least not yet. it’s and expensive idea to build and buy, So not every one will try it. I have the idea to make it and produce it and sell it.
    Thank you Ronald.

    • There are forklift ‘s designed like this, you step on it goes straight up and down forward and backward’s and turn’s, has fork lift blade’s on it that extend in and out, electric power

    • Hello Neil
      Maybe you can put in touch with the other commenter ( Ronald Sperling) who ask about a portable elevator.
      I also have the similar idea associated to Mobil Homes.
      Many people have 3,4, 5 steps to enter and for those who use a wheel chair ( there are many) would very interested. Obviously, market research and developement takes time but there already many similar products. Just need to change a few things.

  3. Mr. Patel,

    I believe I have the next multi trillion dollars idea. Is this going to be the right summit to speak about it? Also due to the patents I feel would be necessary I wouldn’t be able to fully explain my idea without a mutual confidentiality agreement in place. If this is the wrong type of form for the guidance I seek my apologies in advance, any help or feed back is appreciated.

  4. Thank you, Neil for always inspiring me and giving me the confidence that I can do this….Investing 101 has brought so many questionable things to life and I finally have a plan to execute and to start to live my life by making smart choices in my selections.

  5. Hi Neil,
    Good greetings and salutations,
    My name is R.Greg Lanman.
    I recently signed on as a founding member and I am
    sincerely interested in investing some seed capital in the future.
    As of this moment I have a wonderful idea which would solve
    a gargantuan problem and I am hoping you will become as enthused
    as I am about the cure.
    My solution revolves around a giant problem in regard to existing prescription bottles or over the counter bottles or containers.
    I have developed a small alteration to the manufacturing process
    of the aforementioned bottles which would prevent patients from
    missing their next dose or taking a double dose in error.
    This has become a tremendous issue with the current market
    as young and old alike either forget when they took their last dose
    or overdose because they did not make note of their personal
    dosing schedule.
    This solution can and will save lives and prevent patients
    from making errors in taking all their medications in the way they are
    Furthermore, it will give the drug store chains another way to
    “protect their patients” in a way that is a low tech solution
    to this very legitimate ongoing concern.
    Neil, let me ask you this. How many containers of prescription and
    non prescription medicines are put into the hands of patients across
    the world in one year, five years and so on. This market is never
    ending and the pile of bottles keeps getting higher and higher.
    Imagine for now the ability for you and I to make a penny each or more per bottle in perpetuity. and help the world to take their medicines
    in the correct way therefore preventing medical accidents.
    I suggest we get together some way to discuss this as I believe
    we may be able to really make a positive impact on the planet’s
    population by preventing possible overdoses or missed doses or medical errors made by unsupervised or supervised patients.
    My e-mail is greglanman@yahoo.com.
    My phone is 1-248-960-8773
    In closing, please lend me your ear on this matter as I know
    we could make a world of difference in bringing this idea to fruition.
    I am so inspired right now and I hope you are as well.
    Yours in great prosperity ,
    R. Greg Lanman

    • Hello my name is Michelle I have recently joined the Angels entrepreneur investors,
      That being said I wanted to comment on the medical issues of medication,
      about 2 years ago I was introduced to a online drug store called pillpack
      pill pack has work for me because I will forget my medications but the way it comes to me once a month labeled 15 days and then another 15 days to the date,
      it comes in blister packs it has my name on it in the beginning it has every day and has a time of day I take my medications and it has my bedtime medications and it’s separate blister also
      so this sounds like what you’re talkin about which I see is already in the making with what it’s called pill pack I don’t know if it’s the same thing you’re talkin about but it seems as though it is
      I just wanted to give you a head up on what I’m experiencing as far as my medications go if I miss a day or time I’ll know because it’s already labeled on the blister pack and my medications are already separated.
      Thank you for your precious time, and I hope this was helpful.

    • Hello Greg,

      My son has epilepsy and use to encounter this very issue. There is a time release pill dispenser currently on the market so you might want to check that out. Also, I was told by a company I’m working with that you want to check into the idea thoroughly prior to attempting a patent as you might need to change your product if there is something similar out there. Hope this helps.

    • I like your idea, since I have several times I either forgot to take my
      meds or didn’t take them . What is the reminder mechanism?
      pill pack keeps you from confusing your meds but does not remind
      you to take them. For example, If you have morning and bedtime medications and you forget to take your morning pill pack meds,
      you may not realize that you have fotgotten until you go to take your bedtime meds?

  6. This is a great idea, will help a lot of people, young and old alike in abetter and more accurate management of their medications and supplements as well. I have a once a week medication that I sometimes forget. I earmark it for every saturday but still miss it at few times. Keep me posted on how this work. I do encourage you to pursue this life changing solution.
    I do wish you succeed!! TRC

  7. I keep seeing hypes for new tech ideas. One is the satellite delivery of TV programs and streaming from space to make it cheap enough for everyone to do it.

    The next is all the invites to invest in a chip that is to revolutionize the whole world of technology controls.

    I am thinking a lot of stuff is out there but just not available.


  8. Hi Gregg. As a nurse I think the medication idea is a great one. I would very much like to know what Neil thinks about it.

  9. Hi Greg,
    It’s a great idea that would prevent patients from
    missing their next dose or taking a double dose in error.
    I would very much like to know what Neil and his team think about it.
    Also, all network team members might have some input that can make this idea or future ones even more more revolutionary.
    I wish you much success with your idea!

  10. Greg, I like your prescription drug dispenser idea. I hope Neil gets in on it and we all get to invest to help you bring it to fruition.

  11. Hello Neil my name is Patrick carangelo ,the inventor and patent holder,100% internationally also of the windshield wiperdiaper , the wiperglove, concept on YouTube, it’s a first all-in-one adapter free complete all-weather wiper blade that simply snugs over your old wiper blades completely covering and locks in place without ever having to take your old worn wiper blades off or remove ,the wiperglove is a first-of-its-kind all-in-one 100% recyclable material that will give 100% of all drivers male female truck bus boat plane train cars cabs limos the opportunity to drive safe without being in a panic or ever needing a mechanic when it comes to having a new one-year wiper blade on your car, this is a first and much-needed problem solving concept that is complete game-changer because you will not go back to the old way when you need a new wiper blades, please take a look ,I have a major Engineering University backing my patented invention Lehigh University of Allentown I am looking for a strategic partner to help me make this the billion-dollar company that is long overdue for all drivers, military also that needs a slip on simple wiper blade that locks in place without ever being on a search-and-rescue of a new wiper blades with the wiperglove you only need to know the length, you slide it on and it locks in place my number is 570-350-9451 and it would be greatly appreciated to hear from you thank you

    • Love this idea. Was just thinking the other day there must be a better way after. Listening to my squeaky wipers in the rain.

  12. The comments I’ve read are all unique, I found the video information to be seriously important and informational. Thank you, Neil, for sharing this it makes a lot of sense. I have several invention ideas myself, but I do not believe here is the place to ask questions and express thoughts of moving forward with them, please advise.

  13. I also like the drug dispenser idea. I would like more information on this. Please keep me updated on this.Look forward to hearing from you.

  14. Hi Greg,
    I am very interested in learning more about your idea. Please keep me posted on updates. I would also like to know Neils thoughts.

    Dianne Hassman

  15. Hey Neil, thank you for this great information. I am a member of Angels & Entrepreneurs Network to become an investor. But what if I have more than one great product ideas? Where do I even start without getting my ideas stolen? What should I do?


  16. Patrick , I think your idea is viable has wipers
    And wiper changing is an onerous task even for the guys at pep boys during my last visit. They too struggled with what was suppose to be a 5 minute job. Tell me has Neil looked at this?

  17. Greg, I like your prescription idea case and dosage idea as I often have been remiss in taking my doses or mistakenly taken more. An as for the bottles I have a few empties I use creatively to hold bolts etc. But how many of these does anyone need. Keep me posted on this potential game changer, as plastic is at epidemic levels in the ocean.

  18. Neal, the reason I signed up for this company entrepreneurship is because I was assuming this video had already been screened all these first 4 steps.
    I do understand if you don’t love it don’t invest in. I thought those first four steps were mastered.

  19. Neil
    I get the cutting edge thing but what about simple and solves a problem,
    not high text just simple. I have one of those thing the feed back has been great its has to pertain to the RV world. Its not just a overnight thing been working on it for three years. I have been in business for 25 years.
    Cutting edge NO
    Feed back YES all positive
    Anything like it NO
    Team I have a pretty good team
    Feed back will be welcome Thanks

  20. Mr Patel,
    Thank you for your insightful comments and thoughts, very helpful. I was involved in a telecommunications start up in 2000 with an initial investment of 8 million, 2nd year cash flow positive, 3yr debt free, the next 4 years 80 mil in revenue and 30 mil in EBIDTA. Company sold in 2010 170 mil.
    One item I would like for you to address is the subject relating to is, “what the market can bare”; for example, if the service or product is not affordable no matter how great the deal is, it wont sell at least in any volume to the addressable business market. In my experience this is a key factor in driving revenue.

  21. Hi
    I have registered with the company.
    I would like to part of the business.
    I am a elite member.

  22. Hello Neil Patel,
    Carlos here. Thanks again for sharing your insights in how to spot great ideas in startup companies. Always glad to hear how ordinary
    People become successful and are willing to share their success stories to see others become successful as well
    Carlos Almanza

  23. Hi Neil, I have recently joined your group. I have never actually invested in stocks but have always had some interest. It is good to hear how ordinary hard working individuals can become successful from small beginnings.
    I am looking forward to receiving my package, and hopefully share in the successes too.

  24. I really like the way you explain the four factor. I especially appreciate that you have an opt out factor.

  25. Hi!
    When do you think the cars manufacturers will start putting a Little individual dining table for each seat inside the car
    like the ones on commercial airplanes.

  26. Neil, all the comments and suggestions sound very good .
    everyone is waiting to hear the names and the prospective companies
    that they can place their money and become a successful ANGEL INVESTOR.

  27. I also would like to know more about this pillpack idea as I forget my meds from time to time, not good. The present way I get them now is in a plastic bottle/tube which does nothing to show when they were taken. Need a clear indication of date and day on something else like the birth pill for example, so I am surprised that such a simple idea is not more widespread. Cheers!

  28. Hello Neil , I enjoy the media videos that I have watched so far. There is so much info. I just joined as a Life Time Member on 11/12 and I am looking to make my first deal. I have not received my start up Packet yet so I am watching all the videos that I receive each day. Thank you so much for sharing all the info with us. Harold.

    • Hi Harold!

      So glad to hear that you’re absorbing all the resources we’ve sent so far!

      You don’t have to wait for your welcome package to arrive to start taking action with your membership. While the welcome package does include some wonderful and useful items, you can find absolutely everything you need to get started on the network website, angelsandentrepreneurs.com. I hope this helps and please reach out if you have any other questions!


  29. Thanks for your updates. I have not received my start up Packet yet so I am watching all the videos that I receive each day.and am wondering when the packet will arrive, it’s been a couple of weeks. Also, just wondering, aside from the small amounts of $ you get from signups, what do you personally get from all this…I mean is it just out of you wanting to help people like me have a better life financially or is there more to it.

    • Hi Gene,

      For starters – I don’t get anything except a small portion of the cost of subscriptions. I don’t get special treatment, free stock, I don’t collect fees from any startups or take a portion of their raise… Nothing!

      As to your other question… your welcome packet may take up to 6 weeks to arrive by mail. But don’t worry – everything you need to get started is actually on the website, angelsandentrepreneurs.com. There you can find special reports, startup recommendations and so much more. Your welcome packet is absolutely not necessary to get started.

      Hope this helps!


  30. Hi Neil!
    I just joined the A&E team and I am so excited to get started! My problem is this… I am recently disabled and I was so excited when I watched your infomercial because you all were very convincing that us little ppl could actually make a big financial advance for ourselves and our families. I hate to admit it but my financial situation only allowed me to buy the $79 pkg (which I really couldn’t afford) but the excitement of having the means to possibly be financially stable again was too good to pass up! I truly miss being able to work and although I use to complain about my job, I miss helping ppl and I would return to the ICU in my local hospital if I could. That being said, what better way to continue to help others than with the knowledge of independent wealth! I have been very excited as I read thru the website and watch the videos but it started to decline as I quickly found out that most of the info so far has been informing me I need to upgrade in order to get any further in my quest to invest. I’ve looked for the 2 promised deal flow ideas that were (I thought) a part of the pkg. I wish I COULD afford to buy the best of your offers but truth is, I had to borrow money from my son just to be able to purchase what I did… I received a nice pen and your HUSTLE book. I’m not sure I’m going to get very far without more help and insight. I am reading your book and it is a great read… I’m just thinking I must be missing something I should be seeing. I apologize for sounding so needy but I gotta admit… I’ve never invested in anything nor have I bought stocks so I’m totally in the dark with this but I’m ready and willing to learn! I look forward to seeing exciting things happen! I know your a very busy man but if you could find the time to give me a pointer or two I’d be forever grateful…. Ty for your time… Valerie

    • Hi Valerie,

      First off, I want to commend your positive spirit. I love that you’re stepping outside of your comfort zone to try your hand at what is (in my opinion) the best way in the world to make money.

      If you’re looking for your startup recommendations, you’re on the wrong website. Here at The Startup Investor, we focus on free-to-read educational content. You can find your startup recommendations, special reports, Angel Investing Bootcamp videos and more at http://www.angelsandentrepreneurs.com.

      I hope this helps and good luck!

  31. Ron check with the larger RV company’s, years ago I had a friend who’s wife was in a wheel chair and their coach had a lift.

  32. Are u sayen none of the 130000 patents I have mean anything th15 yrs of wrk I did was nothing an I’ve never made a single dime jus curous

  33. Hi Neil Patel:
    Thank you so much for providing clear and concise information that
    teaches us how to make wise decision. With your guidance, I am sure
    we will achieve the success we have searched for through the years.
    I am new to Angels and Entrepreneurs and did choose two areas of investments thus far.

  34. I am excited to be on the Angel Entrepreneurship. Expecting A prosperous journey with the wise info Neil provides. Thank you, Neil

  35. Am happy to be part of this amazing set people, I just join angel investment and I need help with how to get this going any help from the team am grateful.

  36. So far I have not seen any investments that are only 50 dollars but I also am just getting started on this wonderful and hopefully prosperous journey.I only wish I knew about this sooner.As ar as getting started the website offers great insight. go to the deals section and you will see info about all the deals there that will help you understand what to do,just remember one thing this is a slow process and your money will be tied up for quite some time so only invest it what you really believe in.
    Good luck and I wish all health and prosperity!!

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