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I get a lot of calls and emails from people who want to know exactly where I invest my money.

“Follow the leader” is a simple strategy, and it’s one that can pay off if you do it right.

Still, in my opinion, following other investors blindly is not the way to go.

Here’s why: When you invest in a startup, you’re making a highly personal decision. Every angel investor’s philosophy is a little bit different.

For example… I’ll sometimes invest in a startup not because I care about the potential return but because I think I have something to learn from the entrepreneur. Other times, I’ll throw in a small investment just because I’m feeling lucky.

For me, those reasons are as good as any. But they might not be for you. Most angel investors – especially those just starting out – are after the biggest and best returns they can possibly get (and I can’t really blame them).

For those people, I suggest investing under the guidance of a well-defined strategy, rather than simply duplicating someone else’s portfolio. And the absolute best strategy I know of to maximize your potential returns is my 1,000X Formula.

It’s a super-simple algorithm I use to determine whether or not a deal has the potential to return 1,000X my money. It is simple yet elegant – and it’s never let me down.

Just click here to learn what it is and how to use it.

Until next time,

Neil Patel


8 responses to “Don’t Just Follow Other Investors Blindly – Do This Instead”

  1. Hi Neil,
    As a new small investor and want to follow you as a leader but my question is – Is it worth to invest my small amount money ($200) each to these ten starting Co. and wait for 5years? Or should I invest $2000 that I know I can get big return and faster. My background is in constructions (formerly Contractor) I buy house fix it and sell it. I am a business minded person but when I saw your ad and listen to you I got challenge and I sign up to become investor even though I don’t have background.in investment. Please be advise. Thanks

  2. Hi Neil,

    I have tried to register for the Angel investors network several times and it was not successful using my Mastercard debit card from Nigeria.

    I have also sent a mail before and there was no response.

    Kindly advise me on the way forward.


    • Hi Flowers Uchealor,

      I’ve sent your information along to our Customer Care Team. They should be in touch with you shortly.

      Hope this helps!

  3. Hi team I joined angel &entrepreneurs today at 7.55 pm NZTime.Now I entered my email and password and realised I had made a mistake on which level I wanted which is the $79.00.I went to log in and your site told me it was invalid ?What gives

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